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What bottles work w/ Nuk?

I am trying to get LO to take a bottle.  I have Medela, Dr Brown (wide and narrow) and a breastflow bottle.  So far not much luck.  (DH has been trying w/ me away).  Some people suggested Nuk nipples and Tommee Teppee.  Do you know if those nipples work with other bottles?  Thanks!

Re: What bottles work w/ Nuk?

  • I'm not sure if they fit together, but I just wanted to say that my LO had a really hard time with Nuk nipples. The hole where the milk comes out is in a weird spot, it's on top of the nipple instead of at the tip. So whenever my LO tried to suck, the hole would get blocked by the top of her mouth. 


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  • I don't know if the regular Nuk nipples will fit any other bottles, BUT I have seen (and bought) some Nuk nipples that were made to fit a standard nipple ring. We bought a pack of these to try out the nipple on our son, before buying a bunch of the bottles/nipples.

     I lucked out - my son will eat from any bottle presented to him. Nipple shape does not matter. Contents do not matter (he will pause for formula, and "consider" the different taste). Temperature doesn't even matter, he will drink a bottle of breastmilk straight out of the fridge!

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