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Katy Perry

So I just found out today that katy perrys parents go to my church and i had no idea! its crazy coz i see them at church all the time. they are pastors but at the moment they dont have their own church so they go to mine. they're great friends with my pastor. and one night my pastor said something about russell brand giving flowers to mary hudson (katys mom) and how she gifted them to the church to decorate for xmas and i was baffled thinking russell brand?! the only russell brand i know is a british comedian/actor! then i was like hmm maybe some other guy named russell brand. but it all makes sense now! i remembered that katys name before she was katy perry was katy hudson. then it all clicked! i was like OMG keith and mary hudson are her parents?! noooo way! and they're also in the beginning of her hot n cold music video and watching it made me LOL! 
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