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Mood Swings??

OK, so initially, I was obviously moody and rather erratic -  things were incredibly upsetting and emotional. 


Things have gotten better though - we saw a doc, got a good and nurturing follow-up, have been feeling better when WHAM - these horrid moods are hitting me completely out of left field - tear, anger, incredible irritability. This doesn't feel just like emotions - these just hit me like a brick wall. I'm wondering/assuming it's the massive hormone surges I was having..and now losing...due to the MC?

I feel crazy..?? Anyone else?

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Re: Mood Swings??

  • I relate. My emotions ran from extreme anger (luckily no one heard my road rages) to tears. It didn't take much for me to go from one extreme to the other. Now that I'm into my 2nd week after m/c, the swings are less erratic but still there. Good luck and it does get better!
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  • Yup. Right there with you.

    Doesn't help that DH seems to be having anger issues this weekend as well. 

    Lots of screaming and then crying on my end.

    It better f***ing get easier. oh, and we've been married less than 3 months and are discussing therapy.

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  • It took about three weeks until I noticed a big improvement. I was depressed, sad, angry, upset, crying - all over the place without notice, then I'd be better for a while.  By week 4 I was about 90% better.  I think all your feeling is totally normal for us.
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