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wording on invite for books??

My BIL is making the invitations for my shower and my mom wants there to be something about like bringing a book to the shower to start the babys library.. i just cant think of the right wording to saying that on a invite

any suggestions


Re: wording on invite for books??

  • This is a joke, right?  You seriously don't see the post about this exact topic like half a page down? 
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  • It should be in lieu of a different gift, I would think. You can't really expect your guests to bring you books AND something from your registry (or maybe I'm wrong and just stingy?).  My cousin did that and the whole shower was book-themed and the invite specifically called it a "book shower" or something like that and asked guests to bring their favorite children's book instead of a gift.
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    This is a joke, right?  You seriously don't see the post about this exact topic like half a page down? 



    sorry i didnt see it 

  • I still don't see the other post...

    I googled it and found the following:

    In lieu of a card, please bring a book signed by you

    just in time for Baby (Last Name)'s big debut!


    A lot more ideas if you google it.  Hope this helps! 


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  • I'm not putting it on my invite, but on my baby website has a registry  page and I put "we would love for our little one to be a little reader!  So pass along your kids favorite books!!! For other ideas see our registries".  This way I'm not putting in everyone's face, and although I'm asking for something specific, if they didn't want to know they wouldn't have clicked the registry tab right??  I've gotten 4 books (for xmas) so far!

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  • I know a lot of people think this is tacky, but I love the idea :)

    The hostess for my "Work shower" did this for me...people contributed money to a group gift if they wanted and then put a book for baby in a "wishing well" in the main office. 

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  • Another downside to asking for books across the board is getting multiples and getting poor quality stories.  Just because someone can get their story printed doesn't make it a good book.  To foster a love of reading, kids need quality books to help them with their vocabulary and critical thinking development and not every book does that.  You're better off registering for quality books.  As a teacher, I recommend authors Eric Carle, Tana Hoban (great for infants/toddlers), Bill Martin and nursery rhymes for a few.  Rhyming is a key element in word development and predictability helps with critical thinking. Dr. Suess books are fun but aren't necessarily good for teaching reading later on because they're frustrating for kids to read because of the nonsense words.
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  • My invite said: "Just one more request & we hope it's not hard. Please bring a baby book in place of a card. By signing your book we'll remember & share your favorite story even when your not there"

    I thought it was a cute way to put it on the invite.

  • I ordered invitations from and the main reason was because they were designed for just that purpose, to have each guest bring a book. Anyway, here's the saying on the inviation and a link to the invitation in case you're interested:

    Diapers, bibs, bottles and more
    That?s what typical showers are for
    But let?s also help baby learn the ABCs
    By building a library, if you please
    Instead of a card, please let Mommy look
    At your special choice of a book
    Inside the cover, leave your name and a note
    So baby can grow and read what you wrote

     Hope this helps ya


  • thanks everyone great ideas!!!
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