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Feeling Huge

hey so i am 11 weeks pregnant and i feel just huge like im gaining too much weight my husband says its just me but im so worried of getting too big. anyone have any advice on that or am i completely alone in that worry. also should i be concerned that i cant seem to get any sleep ??? im just a worry wart i guess.

Re: Feeling Huge

  • Insomnia is just something that comes along with pregnancy and will probably stay around when you LO is here! As for the weight gain... are you actually gaining a lot of pounds or just looking big? I am twice my starting size but I have only gained 4 pounds. My advice is just make sure you are eating healthy and not packing in fattening foods. One of my friends thought because she was pregnant she could eat whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted it. I eat about every 2 hours (big meals) but I make sure to eat as healthy as I can for the baby (with the occasional really fattening meal hehehe) Dont worry! Im sure your fine! Everyone is different :o)

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  • Try not to worry about it too much. My advice? Don't even look at a scale, even at the doctor's office, if you know that gaining weight or a certain number is going to freak you out.  Ask your doctor to let you know if you start gaining too much or too little and keep you informed, but don't look at the numbers. This was advice given to me by a nurse during my first pregnancy and it seriously saved my sanity.
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    Always missing our first son Caleb, born at 19w3d on 4.12.10.
  • It's interesting, my approach is a little different.  I weigh myself daily.  Unlike pre-pregnancy, the number changes often (up and down).  This just helps me realize that while I'm getting bigger, I'm gaining an appropriate amount of weight.

    I was on pelvic rest for first tri, so I am finally back at the gym and I feel a lot less squishy than I did a few weeks ago.   

    Just figure out what works best for you. 

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