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Logan's arrival

I'm not on here much but I wanted to share the story of the arrival of our son, Logan Alexander. He was born Dec 24th, 2:30am, weighing 8lbs 6oz and 21 in long. I was only at 37 w 5 days so my OB said if I had made it to my due date, he would have been at least 10 lbs. 

I had gone to the doctor on Monday, the 20th for my normal weekly checkup. My bp was slightly elevated, so they told me to take it easy for the rest of the week. They also asked that I come in on Thursday the 23rd to follow-up since their office would be closed for a couple of days after Christmas. My husband took me to my appt Thursday morning and had quite a shock when they told us they would be inducing me immediately. I had developed PIH and since I was already at full term they decided it was safer to deliver then, then wait for one of us to have complications due to the high BP.

They sent me straight to the hospital where we started the induction at 11:45am. My husband went home to grab our bags and by the time he got back my contractions had begun. I progressed to about 4 cm before I decided I couldn't handle the pain. Contractions were coming so close together, I couldn't get a break in between. I asked for the epidural and it was just what I needed to calm down. I hadn't progressed much because I was tensing so much with the pain. By this time it was about 4pm and I was hoping to progress quickly. I dilated to a 7 but stalled there. They let me rest for a couple of hours to see if I could regain some strength to be able to push once my body was ready. My OB actually had me push early to see if the reason I wasn't progressing was because he was too big. Starting at about 10pm, I pushed while she stretched my cervix and he started making his way down into the birth canal. She let me rest again for about an hour and checked again. I was at 9 cm at around midnight. She had me push again while stretching my cervix and 10 cm and ready to go shortly after midnight. I pushed for about 2 hrs before Logan made his entrance at exactly 2:30am. 

 His birth was not at all what I expected, but I'm so glad he made it here safely. We got the best Christmas present this year!  Here are a couple pictures of our perfect little boy! 





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