Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

i'm a coward.

I told two of my friends over email. 

I avoided J's phone call the other day. I don't think she'll have any idea how to respond; she's not really good at emotional stuff/bad news.  So I just emailed her and told her.

A expressed jealousy when I told her - except of the theoretical kind, since she has only been with her bf 6 months and doesn't really want to get KU before getting married. She also asked how I felt about how everything in my life was perfect. Well, not anymore.  I again couldn't deal with telling her in person or on the phone. So email it was.

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Re: i'm a coward.

  • You are NOT a coward.

    In fact, I have related so closely to so many of your posts - so if you are a coward, I am too! 

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  • You are definitely not a coward! I told my friends over gchat or text! It makes it easier to protect yourself and protect the other person from their potential reaction. Believe me, I would do anything to take back hearing my father's reaction when I told him--it will be etched in my brain forever.

    You need to take care of you right now and that means doing whatever works for you. If it means telling folks over the phone, so be it. If it means avoiding phone calls, that's within your right. Hang in there. 

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  • Yea if you're a coward then so am I! I had to tell by text and its been a week and I still can't say the "M" word out loud! I can only hope it gets easier with time! T&P!
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  • I avoided the phone the week of my m/c. I have a lot of out of state family so, Facebook was the way to go for me and my DH. For everyone else I left it up to my grandma and mom to let the family know. So in my book, you're not a coward.
  • I told everyone via email as well. You are not a coward.
  • NOT a coward. I only spoke with my Fiance, my doctor and my mom for about a week and a half. I text one person at work and told them to please pass the word along. And I posted my saying goodbye blog on facebook so i wouldnt have to tell anyone.


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  • Not a coward.  I should have sent emails or texts to most people.  I only told family and a couple friends and let them spread the word.  I called MIL and SIL and wish I hadn't.  I've been avoiding them a lot since.  I can't deal with stupid responses.
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