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Has anyone here experienced this and is also in a blended family - aka - your partner already has a child? DH is being loving and supportive, and is clearly upset by this, but even openly admitted that it's probably harder for me since I don't have a child of my own - and he's right! It's very difficult to see baby pictures on our walls, and at times be jealous of DH. I love my stepson, and lord knows he hasn't had it easy - I don't envy DH that - but it's hard not being able to share this with someone else who was looking forward to all those "firsts" that I was. I feel very alone sometimes and go through a lot of emotions, sometimes feeling distanced but not meaning to, and then feeling guilty. Thoughts? Anyone else out there? 


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Re: Blended Family

  • I'm sorry for your loss. We said goodbye to our babies a little over a month ago. I am also in a blended family and this was my first pregnancy. However, my experience with my DH is a bit different in that it has been quite some time since he experienced the "firsts" and was quite young the first time around. He admits that he was looking forward to experiencing those first again, especially now that he's older and can probably appreciate them more.

    I know it's not the same as having the support of a spouse, but this is a great community of women who unfortunately have experienced your pain and are hear to listen or offer advice. 

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  • TY. I so appreciate your response. 

    It isn't the same for my DH either - his little boy had major heart issues that were "accidentally missed" on all ultrasounds (scary stuff!) so he was in the picu his first 18 months...so DH certainly hasn't had your "classic" experience.

     It's still hard to see the baby pictures though. he even took down the one of him in the delivery room - that got kinda tough. I sometimes am jealous and then I feel like a terrible person - he certainly has nothing to be jealous of, and has had his share of hell..! 

    This is *such* a rollercoaster.  


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    BABY GIRL DUE: 12/12/11
    INDUCING: 11/22/11.
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