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I need some help from all of you ladies...

My SIL is acting as my gestational carrier.  She lives in Columbus.  My husband was also born and raised in Columbus, but moved to NJ when we got married.  Here are my questions:

1)  My SIL's OBGYN is Dr. Terry Grogg.  Does anyone know anything good/bad about him?  She seems to really like him.  I believe she will deliver at Mt. Carmel.

2)  My last name is Gray.  If we have a girl my husband wants to name her Scarlett Ann.  He says we have the perfect last name.  Are there a lot of girls there with the name Scarlett?  I guess it doesn't matter so much since we are in NJ, but I just thought I'd ask. 

Re: I need some help from all of you ladies...

  • I did a quick search for Dr. Grogg since I am not familiar with him. I found that he is 100% reccommended by his patients and scores very well on overall questions asked (about privacy and trust etc.) He is recognized by HealthGrades and a member of ACOG. The Mt. Carmel Hospitals are all nice choices (not sure which one she would be delivering at) and are very reputible hospitals in the area. As for the name, I am not famiiar with many girls named Scarlett Ann, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Just haven't heard of them!
  • I love the name Scarlett, and I love the Buckeyes, but I'm not sure I'd name my child after college colors.  It's a cute idea, but over the top in real life.  Sorry. 

     To answer your questions directly, I've not heard of Dr. Grogg or anyone named Scarlett here.  

  • I don't mind the name Scarlett, and Scarlett Ann sounds pretty.  Since you are in NJ, and people probably don't get the Buckeye reference, it's probably okay.

    However, if you think you will ever move to Columbus, I would avoid it.  Just seems like one of those Chrystal Shanda Lear type names that will be the butt of jokes forever.  I knew a girl growing up named Rollin Stone, yes her parents were hippies.

  • My husband loves this name.  He actually has mentioned it before.  There is a girl born nearby a few years ago in Grove City with the same name.  It was on the news!

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