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Anyone else have random cramping in week 8/9

So I am 8.5 weeks pregnant and I have had some odd pain like cramping different than the typical cramping feel.  The cramping is kind of all over the place and not just focused in one area. Anyone else have this? I have an appt on Tuesday. I'm 99% sure it is nothing as the cramping is sporadic and there isn't bleeding. The pain isn't so bad to where I'm doubled over or anything, but more noticeable than other cramping. Sorry to put another worrisome post out there.

Re: Anyone else have random cramping in week 8/9

  • It could be your uterus stretching. I've had mild cramping my whole pregnancy so far.
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  • I'm 8 weeks and I've been using an iPhone app called iPregnancy. 

    It actually told me today that cramping at this stage is normal and is caused by a growing uterus.

    IF it worsens or you have any spotting, please call your Dr. ASAP.  

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  • It's funny when I see other people post about cramping I'm like "yup its normal" and the moment I feel something different I freak out.... ah the mind tricks of early pg.
  • My cramping started on Sunday, and it's been on and off since.  I called the doctor today, and they said it's normal--esp. for 2nd, 3rd, etc. pregnancies.  They are only really concerned when there's blood as well.
  • I have been cramping and spotting. Going to doc on Monday. DH has to work so it will be just me. Oh well. All is good here.


    BTW , I am addicted to nursery idea websites. I know I am not at the 3 month safe mark. I can not help it. I am so excited!!!

  • OH YES!  this started at exactly 8 weeks for me and lasted until week 9....figure just stretching.  when i had my m/c blood came first, and then cramping.....so as long as there is no blood, i dont worry about the cramps :)
  • I'm 8 weeks and having bad cramps too. I asked my OB what's up and she said it's just the uterus growing, it's going to feel like menstrual cramps but there won't be any bleeding. If there is bleeding, she said to call her office immediatly. But so far, just painful twinges.
  • Mine has been feeling like pinching for the past few days.  Anyone else experience this?
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    Mine has been feeling like pinching for the past few days.  Anyone else experience this?


    That describes what I'm feeling too, must be the stretching.  

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    I know I am not at the 3 month safe mark.


    There's a three month safe mark? 


    To the original poster, I am also in my 8th week and have been having some more localized cramping.  It's most likely your uterus stretching but that doesn't mean it doesn't make me worry sometimes.

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