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Why can't this happen when I'm not pregnant?!!?!?!?

 Went to my OB's office to pick up my order for the AFP Quad screen and they weighed me....Down 3 pounds in two weeks!! That makes a total of 6 lbs lost! I don't understand this because I haven't been nauseous for two weeks so I have been scarfing down everything in sight! I've had so much trouble losing weight from my pregnancy with my daughter and now it comes easy when I don't want to lose weight?! Aggghhh!! My doctor didn't see me so I hope I gain the weight back before I go back in three weeks (although I know she noted it in the chart!) LOL


Anyone else having the same problem?!

Re: Why can't this happen when I'm not pregnant?!!?!?!?

  • Me too.  I have lost a total of 11lbs in my first tri.  I am now almost 6 month pg and have gained 1lb.  I am considered overweight before pg so my doctor is actually pleased that I am not gaining crazy weight.  But I do wish this weight would've come off easier when I wasn't pregnant!

  • I'm not having this problem, but a friend of mine is. Her reason was depression though. Since you have a hearty appetite it doesn't sound like you're depressed. I guess I'm not much help at all, but I do feel for you =(
  • I lost 9 lbs during my pregnancy around wk 22 I gained 5lbs, and then wk 24 I gained another 5lbs so as long as your doctor isn't worried you shouldn't worry you will pack on the lbs soon enough!
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  • Ive lost 22 lbs so far and I had gained a pound when i went in for my last appt but when i went in for an emergency appt on wednesday I had lost the pound again.

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  • Pregnancy is always the best diet for me.  I lose weight for the first 20 weeks or so and then slowly gain it back.  And I eat like crazy.  Mostly junk food.  I don't worry about it at all.  It's normal for me and I've always had healthy weight babies.
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  • I lost 20lbs in the beginning and have gained back 6 of them, so at 25wks, I'm still down 14lbs. Dr is pleased bc I started out overweight. Your Dr will let you know if it's an issue (which I doubt 3lbs is) until then, I wouldn't worry.
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  • I'm having this problem too.  I lost 10 pounds in my 1st tri and haven't gained any of it back yet.  I actually went down a size in pants!  I saw my doctor today and he said he's not worried a bit and he wouldn't worry unless I lost 20% of my body weight.
  • I'm 18 weeks and down about 10-15 pounds. I'm a bit overweight to start with (12/14). I actually bought my maternity pants in a 10!

    I'm sure I'll pack on the pounds soon enough though. 

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  • I have lots 7 pounds this pregnancy and I have not had one day of sickness. I can't eat as much - get fuller faster - but we eat good so I am surprised.  Doctor does not seem to be worried about it so I am not.  Baby is measuring fine.  The big joke is I should have just gotten pregnant to lose weight earlier - I have always struggled with my weight.
  • same here. I am pregnant with #2 and I still haven't gained a pound. I am losing! I am not sick either. I'm thin to begin with which I don't get. I am 5'5 130 . When I was pregnant with DD I have already gained 4 lbs by 15 weeks....I started at 128 with her.

    My MW isn't too concerned.I'm sure it will catch up somewhere!

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  • I lost 15 lbs in the 1st trimester, and now have only gained 3.5 in total.  I was average to begin with, so my Dr. wasn't too worried she just doesn't want me to lose anymore weight.  Lucky for me I don't see her for three more weeks because I just got over the stomach flu twice and am pretty sure I lost those 3.5 lbs Sad. So I got some making up to do in three weeks.
  • It's somewhat normal.  Don't stress it too much!  As long as the baby is healthy and developing and your OB isn't worried, you shouldn't worry either!  I lost about 8 lbs in the first few mos, but I promise - I'll gain it back soon! lol! And so will you:)
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