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Difficulty feeling bad for yourself?

I have felt particularly jerky but also grateful in many ways this holiday season.  I lost my baby at 10 weeks a few days after Thanksgiving.  Meanwhile, my boss's husband has cancer, a coworker lost his mother on Christmas Eve, another coworker lost her mother, etc.  It makes me feel bad about complaining.  I really have tried to watch who I complain to, because I feel like there are others in much worse situations then I am.  It's a very confusing feeling.  It does make me feel grateful for what I do have, but makes it hard to grieve too. 

Does anyone else feel this way?

Re: Difficulty feeling bad for yourself?

  • I'm feeling similar in relation to other women on here - posted "I feel like a jekr" or something like that further down. I struggled with this, but the (GOOD) OB I saw and DH have said to let myself feel how I want to feel and not guilt myself over it, so I'm trying to learn that. Adding guilt to grief isn't beneficial and hurts more, so I'm just trying to take it in stride. 
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