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im so congested!

But thank goodness its only in my right nostril. I'm thinking its pregnancy rhinitis because I have no other symptoms of a cold or flu. No sore throat, no fever. Anyone experience this or know how long its going to last. I've read it can last up until after delivery. Ayayyaay. I'm in trouble if so bc its kept me in bed for the past 5 days.

Re: im so congested!

  • I've had it since the beginning of December.  It's annoying more than anything.  It seems to really bother me in the morning.  DH and I bought a humidifier the other night and that seems to be making a difference although I still have a stuffy/runny nose until about noon time, just not to the degree it's been.
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  • I had a terrible head cold last week, Dr. prescribed otravin nose spray.
  • In case any of you haven't tried this- in addition to my humidifier (which I keep on the lower setting due to asthma issues in the family) I have been using my neti-pot and other nasal irrigation stuff since the fall and it has helped SO MUCH. I'm definitely getting the preganancy congestion- like others, there's no other symptoms and it's worse than it normally is- and this is still really helping keep things from being inflamed and dried out. Nasal irrigation takes some getting use to, and it seems really disgusting (ok well actually it kinda is really disgusting) but it's the only thing that has given me relief every time. It's something I never imagined myself doing and I'm a true convert!


  • Same here. No signs of flu or cold. My throat sort of hurt, but it was sore of vomiting (sorry too much info). That soreness is gone, it's just nose congestion.
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  • Sounds like its not going to go away anytime soon huh. Bummer. Ive been drinking tons of water and steam also temporarily alleviated the congestion, but I think I'm going to try the saline drops next. Then if really unbearable the netipot and humidifier.
  • I've had it so badly that it's moved into my lungs.  Thus, I took an emergency trip to my pulminologist today.  His advise for me: rest, fluids and keep up with my regular inhalers.  If it gets worse or I start wheezing, he'll give me something else to kick it out of my lungs.  Feeling sick blows.
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  • I've been suffering with a cold...woke up with it Tuesday morning.  I consider this a late Christmas present from DH.  Miserable!
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  • You're not alone.  I've had horrible congestion for going on two weeks now and I'm at my wits end.  I have a humidifier that runs constantly with Vicks vapor pads.  I tried the neti pot, but I'm so congested it hasn't helped.  It actually made it feel worse.  I'm drinking tons of water and orange juice.  Tried drinking lots of hot tea, taking hot showers or just sitting in the bathroom while the hot water runs.  Thats works for a couple hours, but I can't really take a hot shower every 3 hours.  I tried saline sprays and they work for about an hour.  I've also tried sleeping with an extra pillow to raise my head.  I also tried Claritin, but it didn't help either. It dried up my sinuses so bad that I got a bloody nose.  I'm at my wits end.  I see my doctor on Tuesday and hopefully she will have a miracle remedy.  Hopefully, this won't last too much longer.  Good luck to you.   
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