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My husband and I are considering hiring a Doula. I know close to nothing about them other than those who have used them when having a natural birth have nothing but good things to say. How much do Doulas typically charge? Am I too late to find one...I'm due in late May?

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  • You are not too late, I'm due in early April and we just found ours.  Pricing will depend on where you live.
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  • Prices vary depending on where you live. If you check out dona.org you can learn more info about them.
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  • Shouldn't be to late at all to find out- but that depends on the area where you live. Franky for my area, coming up with any info on the local doulas and midwives was next to impossible and some of the info has been in accurate or horribly out of date. Disheartening and disappointing for this area, although not entirely a surprise since it's still an area with such a small town mentality. I suggest to anyone looking into these types of options (birth coaches, doula, midwife, RN midwife, etc) to check out the differences between what each is and what each can (and can't) do- you may need one over the other depending on the rest of your birth plan. Many mom's that I've talked to recently in my area think they are all the same thing- not the case! Find out what's best for your intended birth plan.
  • We used a doula with our first and have already booked her again for this one (early may). I thought we found her late in the game last time (2 mos in advance I think), but it's really all a matter of what their schedule is. They can be pricey and I think the more births they attend, the higher their rate goes. We paid $900 in 2008 and are paying $1175 this time. I think it's totally worth it, and we aren't paying much for the birth thanks to insurance.  Here's my experience...

    1. It was peace of mind for us. We knew we were going to deliver in a big hospital and wanted someone there who would be with DH and I the whole time. Someone who knew what our wishes were and would help us make our own decisions. Nurses are great for that support role, but they change shifts, aren't dedicated to you and you don't get to choose them in advance. We wanted someone outside of our family who would be with me while DH stepped outside for a breather, or got something to eat, etc.

    2. Make sure your philosophies match or it won't work. Our doula was open to all possiblities (not all are) and that was really important to us. I did not have a natural birth. I was open to it, but also to medication/intervention. It's a good thing too because I was induced 1 wk early due to pre-eclampsia. I had pitocin, an epidural (it didn't work) and morphine. And my doula was there helping me and DH work through our decisions together. It was not HER agenda. It was ours.

    3. I remember our doula helping me figure out what was going on with my body, especially at the end. She could tell by my body language and sounds that I was fully dialated and ready to push, when I hadn't a clue and the doctors didn't believe it.

    Sorry for the long response. GL.

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