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How many hours a day does LO nurse?

I am EBFing and LO seems to average about 3to 3.5hours a day (midnight to midnight) of total nursing time.  He is peeing and pooping just fine, but I am still wondering if this is enough... I have tried several times to start a pumping routine to start a stash for when I go back to work, need to get out, etc.  But when I pump, I can never really get much - I mean, if it's been 2 hours since his last feeding, and I pump, I might get 1 oz total from both sides.... WTF?

Our pedi is also a LC, so I will talk to her about the pumping thing next week at LO's check up.  Hopefully they will tell me he's still gaining enough weight (he seems to be very satisfied after eating...). 

So yeh, I am wondering how many hours a day other LOs nurse for... Thanks!

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Re: How many hours a day does LO nurse?

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