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Cervix posterior to the baby's head?!

I am past my due date of 12/25 and so disappointed. My last two visits the OB told me that my cervix is posterior to/behind the baby's head and that she is "not ready." AARGH!! I was looking forward to a little New Year's eve champagne on my hospital tray! btw, the exam to check the cervix b/c of this condition hurts like heck!!! So, nothing to do but wait for my cervix to move to the front of her head. :( I heard this doesn't happen until RIGHT before real labor or during the pushing stage. I also read that I DON'T want the OB to move my cervix for me! We're just dying to meet this baby already! Anyone have any suggestions on how I can convince my cervix to move forward on its own??

Re: Cervix posterior to the baby's head?!

  • It's normal for your cervix to be posterior until you go into labor.  Contractions will move it into the anterior position.

    You can try all of those natural induction OWTs like having sex, nipple stimulation, etc.  But there's really not much you can do to force your cervix to get ready. 

    And yes, having a cervical check with a posterior cervix hurts like hell--I can empathize!


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  • My cervix was still posterior until well after my water broke.  It is very common for it to be this way until you get into active labor.  Mine didn't move forward until I was almost 4 cm dilated.  And yes, cervix checks with a posterior cervix hurt like hell.  I feel for you, but don't worry, it will happen once you are in labor.  Good luck!
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