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What is everyone doing about the pain?

I'm sorry to post again, but this pain is intense..I consider myself pretty tolerable of pain. I'm sweaty and dizzy. I took tylenol..not cutting it.

Re: What is everyone doing about the pain?

  • ...........Does your OB know it's this intense...? They told me tylenol - were wary of advil/aspirin b/c of blood thinning. You don't seem well though honey - not that any of us are "well" when we go through this - but I would hope if it's this extensive for you, they had some advice? Have you called?
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  • I'm not sure of the details of your situation (natural, medicinally induced or D&C?) but mine was medicinally induced and it was absolutely the worst pain of my life. They prescribed me Vicodin and Percocet, which did very little. I wound up going to the ER (for other complications) and they gave me morphine which eased the pain for 15-30 minutes, but then it was back full force. I would absolutely call your doctor, or if it's that bad go to the ER. This is so painful emotionally, that there is absolutely no reason to go through the physical pain if you don't have to.

     I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm thinking of you! 

  • I'm so sorry you're in so much physical pain. My OB gave me vicodin for the pain. It doesn't completely take away the pain, but numbs it enough so it's tolerable. Make sure to get a lot of fluids too. I started to pass out yesterday from the blood loss (got really sweaty and dizzy too) and it helped to down some Gatorade. I hope you're able to find something to numb the physical pain for now. You should not have to experience that. Like the pp said, this is already emotionally painful enough.
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  • Sorry...tylenol did it for me.

    Call your OB to get a script for something stronger.

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  • I agree that you should call your OB to ask for something stronger. I wasn't offered anything but I asked the ER doc for something since it was my 4th miscarriage and I knew what I was in for. This was the only one I had meds for it was nowhere near as bad. I know this sucks. GL.

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  • I had a script for percocet but it barely touched the pain. It did just enough to take the edge off. Tylenol wouldn't have done squat. I would definitely call the dr and get something stronger. Hope you get through the worst part quickly!
  • I am not in too much pain but I was prescribed tylenol w/ codeine and Ibuprofen 600mg.  I am also taking Methergine to contract my uterus back to original size so I am a little crampy but nothing worse than when I have AF.  I would definetely call your dr.  My dr. told me that if the meds I wasn't taking wasn't helping to call because I should not have to be in pain so either should you.  Like PP said you are hurting emotionally so much you shouldn't have to suffer physically too.  GL and take care of yourself.
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  • My OB prescribed extra strength Ibuprofen. I would definitely call your OB and get a prescription.  Sorry you're in so much pain. :(
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  • Thanks everyone! Sorry I didnt update. My husband took one look at me and threw me in the care. I absolutely hate going to the hospital. I was dehydrated and I guess the pain is just part of it. They gave me morphine. Then I started vomiting so they gave me IV zofran. It was not a fun night. The vicodin is at least working better than the tylenol.
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