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Poor DD got a buckle fracture

DD was pulling herself to standing like she does dozens of times a day.  She fell onto her bottom, again like she does a dozen times a day, but immediately was inconsolable.  I knew something was up, because her crying was so much harder.  Funny thing was that she could still move it, crawl, no swelling, no bruising.  However, as soon as she pulled herself to standing, she was again inconsolable and favoring her right leg.  The x ray was inconclusive, but they suspected it was a buckle fracture, which doesn't really show until it starts to heal.  No cast needed though.  So we are having to keep her off of her right leg for several days - this is proving quite a challenge!  She wants to stand so badly and I'm rushing to her room after naps and each time she wakes, hoping to get there before she pulls herself up.  DH and I luckily are off work until the 3rd, but are starting to wonder if she's going to be able to go to daycare if she can't bear weight - she requires so much supervision!  So we are spending the next few days alternating Advil and Tylenol.  :( Poor baby girl.
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Re: Poor DD got a buckle fracture

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