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Drop-side cribs: are they ever okay?

Is anyone still considering a drop-side crib despite the recent ban? A friend just offered us her $600 Simmons crib, which received the highest rating when she bought it (about 6 or so years ago). It was never recalled and I would love to take it anyway, but my Sweetheart is pretty against it right now. Opinions?


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Re: Drop-side cribs: are they ever okay?

  • if it were me i wouldnt just because as soon as i hear about a ban on baby stuff that screams RED FLAG to me and with as precious as babies are its not worth the risk of something maybe happening and also because A WHOLE LOT can change in 6 years but that is just my opinion hope it helps and gl
  • you can always make the drops side a non-drop side by nailing and glueing it to the frame as well as taking off all the extra mechanisms.  That is what I would do. No need to pass up such a great deal when there is an easy fix.
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  • Honestly, I would maybe still consider taking the hand-me down crib - depending on how old it is, how well it was kept up, etc.  I was talking to DHs aunt and uncle on Christmas and they're son is 2 and he has a drop side crib that their never had problems with.

    I do agree that there is nothing more precious that your sweet baby and you don't want to knowingly put them at risk, but the way I look at it is that for all we know in 2 years we can find out that the cribs we're all buying over the next few months will be recalled/banned.  You can never be 100% certain.

    Now, since the dad is against it, he'll most likely never be comfortable with your LO in the crib so if I were in that boat I'd be bummed, but I'd still decline the offer.  I'd rather spend $200 on a crib and ease his mind then get a free crib that he's concerned about. 

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  • Just get a kit or make it a non-drop down crib as a pp suggested. I am using my sister in-law's but getting a kit to make it okay.
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  • We have a Pali dropside crib.   The dropside on that thing is so hard to get down that we never even used it!!!!!!    Baby #2 will sleep in that crib.   Plus the hardware on the crib is very different from the hardware on all the recalled cribs.   

    Since we never used the dropside anyway, I plan on contacting Pali and seeing if they have a kit to make it stationary.    


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  • I had a drop down for my son (who is 8 now) and never had a problem, then my sister used mine for one of her twins (who is 3 now) , and she never had a problem.  She just gave me the crib back and I will be using it for my LO. 
  • i would definitely accept the crib!  with dd, i got a used simmons drop-side for free off of craigslist.  there were no recalls (i checked), and all of the parts were there.  it was beautiful and well made.  i thought the drop-side mechanism was a pain in the butt though and never used that part. 

    in the end, dd co-slept with us until october, when she moved into a double bed.  she only slept in the crib once.  i'm so glad i didn't spend any money on it!  the most use it got was when our cats would sleep in it to avoid dd.



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  • I have a drop-side crib from when my DD was born. As far as I know it has never been recalled and is in great shape. I plan on using it for this new baby but just removing or altering the mechanisim that causes it to drop. That way we have piece of mind without having to buy a whole new crib.
  • If you have a drop side crib- use METAL furniture BRACKETS to secure the bottom and top of the drop side. That is the best way to secure the piece of furniture for both your peace of mind and baby safety. You will in fact be turning the item into a fixed sided crib.

    The government has not only squeezed the manufacture companies to 'voluntarily' recall nearly ALL drop side cribs, but there is legislation that is being pushed through to get them banned altogether.

    So, if it's about a financial issue, or just a good sense issue of making due with what you already have at your disposal. Secure that drop side w/ metal furniture brackets and both of you will sleep just fine!

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