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Is it safe to use Splenda during pregnancy?

I have been using it as a replacement to sugar when I make lemonade ( I use the sugar splenda mix)... Then I read something about artificial sweetners.... and I'm just confused


Re: Splenda?

  • as far as I know, it's not good for you (pregnant or not).  My Dr told me to stay away from them - Diet soda, etc.
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  • I'm avoiding all artificial sweeteners (including stevia).   My OB didn't mention anything about it, but my RE was insistent.  I try to avoid them as much as possible anyway because they make my digestive system quite upset.
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  • doing my best to avoid most artificial sweetners, though it is hard at times.  just do it in moderation

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  • I've heard the same thing anything artificial or diet is no good preganant or not.
  • http://jstevens.wordpress.com/2008/02/20/how-sucralose-aka-splenda-is-made-and-why-you-want-to-avoid-it/


    check it out.

    I try my best to avoid artificial sweetners in general, but now that I'm pregnant, I'm really steering clear of this $h!t.

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  • You can find a study to support or not support just about anything. While there have been studies that have found certain types harmful, Splenda is too new to know for sure. Baby books that I have read, say in moderation. For example: A diet soda a day or your sweeted drink. I personally am trying to stay away from ALL artificial sweeteners... I know they are not really healthy pre or during pregnancy...

    If you are like me and really would like something rather than water but low in calories try; Fuze Slenderize drinks, they are about 5-10 calories per serving and really tasty. I have searched the label and they have no artificial sweeteners.


  • I have limited my artificial sweetener intake but I am a diet soda addict so it's hard not to drink any.  However, that being said - I've read a few articles about this and from what I've seen, the main artificial sweetener to steer clear of is saccharine (aka Sweet n Low)... Equal and Splenda sweeteners, while not ideal, are the better choices, but still consume in moderation.

    I've been really good about my diet, but unfortunately this is one area that I have a really hard time with. 

  • avoid avoid avoid!! Oh and by the way- that chewing gun and mints that you love- ASPARTAME. Those diabetic safe, 'healthy' and sugar-free items that you have switched to.. ASPARTAME.

    Artificial sweeteners are in general bad news for anyone, prego or not... it will scare the &*%$ out of you if you start looking at the research (or total lack of) and the process that many of these companies went through in order to get these sweeteners approved by the FDA- totally shady- yes for nearly all the sweeteners. There is even evidence that research was halted by the companies on Aspartame due to the overall negative results that they were getting.

    Sadly, it's really hard to find stuff out there that doesn't have some type of artificial sweetener in it - and I mean anything. I was never much of a label reader before this... I am now and it's disheartening. The good news is that the research that I've done due to this pregnancy has changed my eating style for good. 

    The other really sad part is that each side of the debate can twist research info anyway they want to, so it's hard to get solid info that you can really trust from any source. This is where that Biblical wisdom comes into play- everything in moderation. 

  • The FDA says Splenda and Aspartame is safe for use in the general public and the American Dietetic Association states the use of aspartame during pregnancy is safe. Here is another article I found re: other sweeteners. Although the FDA considers these safe, I still avoid them as much as possible since it seems to me putting any chemicals or artificial anything is not a good idea.

    Also, you can find any study to support or refute any claim  you want, keep this in mind when looking for information. When in doubt, ask you doctor.
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