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Miche Diaper Bag

Okay has anyone looked at these diaper bags before? I really like that the shell can be changed and that it can double as a purse. I had my mother look at it and she said "That is waaaay too small" and ridiculously over-priced." But I'm thinking I'm saving money because I can get rid of all my millions of large purses and use this with different shells. Am I crazy? IS this bag too small?
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Re: Miche Diaper Bag

  • My diaper bag advise is don't buy until baby is a few weeks old. At that point you'll know what YOU need to take when going out and not what everyone tells you that you might need while out. It truly is different for every person and what they feel comfortable being with or without and how long you typically go out with the baby and how far from home you go. I have a daily bad that is just my purse (although a larger purse) and it's my "diaper bag" for my 9 month old and my 3.5 year old. It works. However, I do have a traditional diaper bag that I use if we're going to be away from home for most of the day.

    I haven't seen the Miche bags in person but know the concept of them. I would just say wait and see what you want in your bag once your baby is here.

  • my understanding of the Miche Diaper bag is that it is thier Large bag, with an insert. The Large bag isnt all that big, and i dont think it would make a good diaper bag, even though i love Miche bags.
  • I saw them at a JBF sale, and I thought the "diaper" bag was too small.  Ditto the pp it is just their large bag.  That would not have been big enough for me.

    Are you planning on going back to work?  If so a diaper bag that is also your purse may not work for you....since you'll still need a purse to take with you to work.  So while it seems good in theory, I think it may not work as well as it appears.


  • Thanks ladies!!!!! Although the bag is ADORABLE I think I will pass for now. Just wait for LO to arrive and see exactly what he needs for outings and such :). You ladies are the best! Love you BIG!!!
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