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Can your 9mo old do this?

My DD just turned 9mo on Xmas day and I'm hoping she isn't totally out of the norm. There are multiple things that she does well or has been able to do for a couple of months now but she won't hold her bottle (acts like she doesn't even think to do it), pull herself up or crawl.  When she is laying on her back she tries to sit up--looks like she's doing crunches lol--and she is getting better and staying on her hands and knees if I put her in that position but she just doesn't do these things on her own like most kids do. Does anyone else have a 9 monther that doesn't do these things?

Re: Can your 9mo old do this?

  • DS does everything but walk...even tries to stand hands free but he still doesn't hold his bottles. Funny thing is he holds the sippy cup fine.

  • My DD will not hold her bottle out of laziness, not because she can't. She prefers to rub my arm while I hold her bottle for her. She is 10.5 months.
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  • My DS is 9.5 months. He holds his bottle, but doesn't pull up, crawl, etc. He sort of army crawls, but he just started that this weekend. AND it has to be for something he REALLY wants.

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  • My DD didn't start crawling until she was about 10 months.  She will hold her bottle on her own when she is hungry and really interested in it!  She just started pulling up to standing about 2 weeks ago, and is trying to "cruise" the furniture.
  • DD is 11 months and still wont feed herself her own bottle if I'm holding her (but she is physically capable). But if I put her on the ground and give it to her, then she'll feed herself. 
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  • image NicksChick!:
    My DS is 9.5 months. He holds his bottle, but doesn't pull up, crawl, etc. He sort of army crawls, but he just started that this weekend. AND it has to be for something he REALLY wants.

    This, but my DD doesn't even army crawl yet.  She JUST learned to sit unassisted a couple of weeks ago and can't get into a sitting position by herself, she can't get on her hands and knees by herself either.

     She DOES hold her bottle though, so I'm happy about that.  LOL


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  • I asked my doctor at my 9 month because my DD doesnt crawl or pull up either, he said some kids just dont, but it isnt anything to worry about .DD holds her bottle, but only if she knows you wont do it for her.
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  • DS does not hold his own bottle.  He holds the sippy cup fine (with no handles) so I truly believe it's not becuase he can't hold the bottle --- but that he just chooses not to.

    Have you discussed the other things with your pedi?  Every child is different though.

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  • Thanks everyone! I feel so much better. If there are any others please still post. I just want to know she's normal.  :)   Thanks!
  • DS is the same way.  He'll do everything else but hold his bottle and sippy cup.  He refuses to do it.  On the rare occasion that he does, he'll turn the thing like a wheel.  Ha.
  • DS will be 11 months old this Saturday and he only just started to crawl a week ago.  He would get on all fours, but would then army crawl (on his tummy).  He wouldn't lift up his tummy and properly crawl.  However, he has been pulling to a stand since 8.5 months of age and he has been taking steps/walking when we hold his arms/hands for atleast 2 months now.  We didn't think he was going to crawl - we thought he would just skip it all together - but then last week he figured it out and started crawling, even if at first it was a peg leg type crawl with one knee on the ground and the other in the air, moving with one knee and one foot!  DS has been doing the sit up crunch thing for a few months so I know exactly what you mean.  This was before he could sit up on his own properly and stable.  He doesn't hold his own bottle though - he can, but doesn't want to.  He prefers for me to hold it - he's lazy like that!

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  • My 9.5 month old does a lot of stuff, crawls, sitting unsupported, walking unsupportive several steps to us and stands unsupported. He however until recently didn't hold his own bottle. He did at 4 and 5 months old but then we started to feed solids at 5.5 months old and he stopped holding his bottle. I found it helped to put him in his chair( the ones that have toys that hang down and goes to toddler age) I gave him his bottle yes he complained but within minutes he decide to hold it with our guidance and now holds his own bottle. He knew how but decided to be lazy and not do it anymore. 

     Remember that every baby develops at their own rate and if you are really concerned then talk to your babies doctor.  

  • my guy cant crawl, or pull up either,

    but he sure can squirm in my arms to make it hard to type Stick out tongue

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  • Just to point out that some babies don't even crawl so don't feel bad, some just roll, army crawl on their bums or they go right to walking. So it's not a delay if they don't crawl at all. I know this from experience working in day care and all my training in Early Childhood education.
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