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Any 9-10 month olds NOT eating Stage 3 food?

DD chokes, gags, and sticks her thumb in her mouth whenever I offer Stage 3 food.  I asked the doctor about it and he said that she's just not ready. I'm willing the live with that, but she loves teething biscuits, yogurt melts, freeze dried fruit bits, and puffs. Any advice?
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Re: Any 9-10 month olds NOT eating Stage 3 food?

  • Have you tried other finger foods? IMO the Stage 3 's (besides the fruits and veggies) are pretty gross. DD doesn't like them but she loves to feed herself things like chicken, bread, pasta, etc.
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  • She may just hate the taste of stage 3s. My kids refused to eat them as well. They would gag, spit them out, refuse to open their mouths, and so on. So when they were ready we just switched them to finger foods and they were happy as can be.
  • I only gave dd stage 3 foods maybe once or twice and she didn't like them either. My pedi told me when they are ready for stage 3 just start giving them table/finger foods. 
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  • My girl still does not like them. She spits out the chunks and then investigates them and then eats them.  Our pedi said to mix it with Stage 2 and also give her more finger foods. 
  • DS hates the stage 3 foods. The pedi told me today to just start giving him soft table foods and skip the stage 3 if he doesn't like it. He gags frequently when eating the stage 3 yet hardly ever gags when eating table foods so I'm just going to skip it.
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  • My LO is just over 10 months now, and it's been at least a month since I offered him 3rd foods.  He just didn't seem to like the chunky puree, but he does fine with thick purees (I add lots of cereal) and other finger foods.  I hoped to get some 3rd foods for him for christmas, but my mom got more 2nd, so it's on my list next time we shop.  Just keep offering until she is ready.  And give her the other fingers foods. 
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  • Ive been giving it for a few weeks... ( 1 try a day ) and everyday they choke, gag, and spit up... All of a sudden yesterday it just clicked and they got it.. They gag a little the first few bites but then they do great! My tip is that i started with stage 3 fruits because those taste better... You can skip it but im using it to transition to finger foods.
  •  I was told by my babies doctor that it's normal for them to gag and make that sound it's just them getting use to the textures. It's very important to keep trying them with different textures. Try grated cheese, small diced fruits that are soft and gumable. As for stage 3 I don't know about it as my ds has had mostly food that I had made for him and he is on mostly table food and no jar foods. He is 9.5 months old. Keep trying!
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