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hates crib??

I hope to God this is just the result of a busy week, but for the last two nights, my 9 month old has woken up at 2:30am crying. When my DH or I go in, he calms when we pick him up, and almost immediately starts to fall asleep in our arms, but then FLIPS OUT if we try to put him down in the crib. This has never been a problem - he's always loved his crib, and gone down just fine. Both nights, it took about an hour and a half of us rocking him, trying to put him down... cries... rocking him again, trying to put him down again...cries... until finally he goes down and sleeps until morning. 

I noticed he also started doing this a bit at naptime-- obviously tired, but cries when you try to put him down. 

What's the deal? Could this be a form of separation anxiety? Anyone else experience this? We're not advocates of crying it out, so I feel like we have to just keep doing what we're doing... but I just want to hear that it's a SHORT phase!!!

(if it happens again tonight, we're going to bring him to the pediatrician tomorrow..just to make sure something else isn't going on, though he's happy as can be thru the day) 

Re: hates crib??

  • i`ve heard the pain from ear infections can be much worse when you lay down, so it could be that. my dd went through something similar a couple weeks ago and we chalked it up to separation anxiety. i just increased the amount of time i spent wearing & hanging out with her during non-crib times and it seemed to help. she also gets like this when i do a challenge of her dairy allergy; is your lo bf? could it be something you ate? good luck, it really sucks!
  • My daughter has done this a few times and every time  her teeth seem to be the reasoning. After her tooth comes in she sleeps threw the night and likes her bed.

    When she is teething she might sleep for an hr or so then wake up screaming and we have to cuddle usually to get her to go back to sleep.

  • OMG I could have written this myself!!  My daughter has been doing the same thing.  I took her to Pedi this morning to rule out ear infection.  She does have a little fluid on one of her ears but its not infected or inflamed, but she did say it could cause discomfort. 

    She recommended trying Motrin the next 2 nights?  Have you given your LO anything these last 2 might want to try that, if he is waking up b/c of teething pain.   And if it continues, I would take him to the Pedi to rule out any illness.

     I also think that there is a lot going on at this age - they have a growth spurt at 9 months, and developmentally are learning a lot of new things...and then of course, there could be some separation anxiety issues. 

    I would keep doing what you're doing...but also be aware that the rocking/holding could develop into a habit for your LO.  GL! 

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