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Which ones should I invest in for my baby???

I want to try cloth diapering...which one's best? I want to be able to be out in public and not worry about leaks. Im truly hoping to do this next baby totally cloth..and no disposable. I've done some research and it looks like fuzzibunz and BumGenius seem to be my number one leaning more towards BumGenius 4.0-snap closure. Please let me know your opinions on diapers that have worked wonders for you ladies! Thank you! :)

Re: Which ones should I invest in for my baby???

  • I knew we wanted pockets so I bought a variety of diapers. You never know which will fit your baby. We happen to love FB but a lot of people have leak problems. I'd say do a trial with jillians drawers or buy a variety of whatever style you want! We have bum genius, fuzzibunz, kawaii, sunbaby, happy heiny and swaddle bees....they're all pockets. HTH!
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  • I second either doing a trial or buying a variety. We did the trial from Jillians Drawers and I didn't like the FB at all... I just couldn't get a good fit on J. So I bought BG 4.0 aplix... DH really doesn't like snaps, so we went with aplix. I do have a few fitteds now that are snaps and I like them fine... and they do look nicer after months of laundering than the aplix does.

    All that to say: if you want pockets, buy a few different brands. If you don't know if you want pockets, fitteds, prefolds or AIOs, do a trial. HTH! 

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  • You need to try several styles to find the right fit for your LO - that's where you're going to get your best defense about leaks.  We didn't do a trial and have been pretty lucky with our choices but if I were to do it over again, I would def do a trial of different brands of dipes.  I have detailed reviews in my blog (Adventures in CD page) of some of the different diapers we've used if you're interested in reading some.
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  • Ditto variety.  I bought a ton of pockets and found that I really don't like them. I am a fitted girl.  We use pockets for out and about and for daddy and babysitters, but around the house there is a fitted on her bum.  Its trial and error to see what works for you.

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  • I fourth getting a variety.  I thought I was going to love love love pockets... and I hate them.  I hate stuffing them.  I'm more of a fitted and/or AIO girl.

    Now, just so this doesn't discourage you from cloth, people who use sposies also have to try several different brands to find what is right for their babies.  If I've learned one thing, no one baby is predictable.

  • Thnx ladies for all the input. I mean i wouldn't mind doing a "trial", but one diaper is like 20 bucks, which is crazy lol...I guess I can start out with one of not sure about what fitted is and whatever else u ladies was kinda confusing LOL However, I will def. google it and see what other ones i can add to my list. :)
  • My favorite pockets are my BG 4.0's. I love them. I have 2 fuzzibunz in my stash and they are not my fave. I wanted to love them, but I just don't.
  • I'm glad I read all this advice as well. What's some what disappointing is that we're not in a situation to be able to afford a variety of styles buying them individually... the costs for the diapers individually versus the system that I currently have my eye on is ASTRONOMICAL. And yes, I have hit all the sites in existence (I certainly believe) and checked out the various prices and options. I can't drop $10-15 per diaper when some of the starter sets for specific sizes are much more cost effective. 


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