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OMG! Hungry every 2-3 hrs...

Salad at 3, Dinner at 5 (2 enchiladas), 4-5 "cuties" at 8, and now I am starving again.  I am having a bagel with cream cheese (about 150 cals).

I am not going overboard with calories.  I can't eat a lot at once, but it sucks. 

I should have been asleep already, but I wasn't.  And pregnancy hunger is like no hunger I've ever experienced...

Born at 31w3d due to severe IUGR & Placental Insufficiency--2lbs 3ounces

We'll miss you sweet Debbie Girl (4.21.12) and sweet Cindy Girl (8.9.12)
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Re: OMG! Hungry every 2-3 hrs...

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