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6 days late....

so i am 6 days late for my period and i am now officially freaking outt! ive never been late in my life untill i got preggo. have any of you had a change in your cycle since having your little one? could my body just be different?
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Re: 6 days late....

  • pee on a stick. 

    i havent had a period yet so i dont know if my cycle is different - but i never had a normal one before - and ive also never been a spaghetti sauce. yes, your cycle could be different. but you wont know if your PREGNANT until you pee on a stick.  


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  • I'm pumping/nursing so I haven't had a PP period yet but from what I've heard it's completely normal to have a change in your cycle after pregnancy.  Do you chart at all?  I did prior to getting pregnant and even prior to trying to get pregnant and it was great (note: I did not use it as birth control, just a guide when TTC).  You may have ovulated late which then delays your period.  Testing is really the only way to know.  Good luck!
  • I would POS also, but I have heard that if you breastfeed, then it can take a while to get your monthly visitor back.  My sis freaked out also.   I also told her to call her dr. if she is really concerned.
  • I was 3 weeks late on my second period.  Never tried a pregnancy test, just assumed it would happen sooner or later, as my doctor said that it might do this.
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