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Give me the D&C details please

My first 2 m/c were natural, but I will be having a D&C for my 3rd. 

What was your experience with a D&C?  What happens?  You go in a room...they knock you out...they do it....you wake up?  They told me I would be completely out.  If it's not too painful to talk about, can you tell me your experience?
7 mm/c
APS, hetero factor v leiden & MTHFR
bfp #1 - 12.11.07, edd 8.14.08, mm/c 1.21.08 (10w4d)
bfp #2 - 4.4.08, edd 12.3.08, mm/c 5.14.08 (11w)
bfp #3 - 8.3.08, edd 4.15.09, mm/c 9.17.08 (10w)
bfp #4 - 1.15.09, edd 9.26.09, mm/c 2.16.09 (8w2d)
bfp #5 - 6.16.09, edd 2.25.10, mm/c 7.23.09 (9w)
bfp #6 - 8.12.10, edd 4.27.11, mm/c 9.16.10 (8w1d)
one more try -> bfp #7 - 2.11, our miracle baby boy arrived 10.11
ttc again -> bfp #8 - 5.3.13, edd 1.13.14, mm/c 5.30.13 (7w3d)
bfp #9 - 9.23.13, our miracle baby girl arrived 5.29.14

Re: Give me the D&C details please

  • Hi and so sorry to hear about your losses.  It's sad to have to welcome you again, but we are all here to support you.

    I've a missed m/c diagnosed at 12w3d on 9/2, baby had developed to 8w3d (which happens to be the day of our first ultrasound... coincidence, I'm not sure.)  I had my D&C scheduled for 9/5.  I went into the out-patient surgery center at 5:30 am.  Talked to the nurse, took some basic measurements, weight, bp, etc.  Hooked me up to an IV.  Brought me into the operating room, knocked me out.  I woke up in recovery, they got DH and my mom.  Sat in recovery for maybe 20 minutes, they made sure I could keep fluids down, took out the IV and sent me home with a pain prescription.

    There was very little cramping and very little spotting and very little pain.

    I hope that helps.
  • I had almost an identical experience to the previous post.  Physically, I was not in any pain.   The only difference I would say for me is that I'm extremely uncomfortable with my body and absolutely hate having an OB/GYN exam (I absolutely love my doctor but I always have felt violated by having any exam).  While I have no memory of anything, I had a difficult time knowing what they were going to do.  I had never had any surgery before and am very private so it's been the most difficult part for me.  Every other person I have talked to or read about has said losing the pregnancy was the worst so I'm definitely alone in this thinking I believe....
  • Sorry to hear about your loss... I had a D&C two days ago and I'm still recovering.  I went to my doctors office at 8:50 to have a seaweed stick put into my cervix to dry it out as well as get it to dialate.  This was the most painful part.  I checked into day surgery at 10:15 and had some vitals taken.  At 11:45 a nurse came to get me and DH waited in the room.  I met the ansestesialogist(I know I spelled that wrong) and the nurse that will be in there and my doc one more time.  I laid there for about 20 minutes while all this happened and then I got some meds through my IV that relaxed me.  I remember saying, one glass of wine, two glasses of wine, three glasses of wine.  That was the best part.  It really took the edge off.  They wheeled me back and I went into a deep sleep.  I had NO pain at all in the OR.  I was sleeping then they started.  I woke up in the OR and I was alert enough to go right back to my room.  I didn't have to go to recovery.  I took a little nap back in my room and had to wait for my rogham shot because I'm o-.  I was home by 5 and relaxed the rest of the night and the next day. 

    Now, today was a different story.  I went back to work but I had the most pain today.  I've been cramping and I have lots of lower back pain.  It's really like the first time I'm feeling pain throughout my loss.  It's been painful physically and emotionally today. 

    I hope this helps. 

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  • Hi...I posted earlier under Rose's post, but here's a copy. You summed it up really well. Physically it is much easier, but it just seems really "wrong" after going through natural ones before. It was worth it to get testing and the peace of mind. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes. 3 natural m/c and 1 d&c here. In comparison, the things I preferred about d&C are: *it was scheduled, so I didn't have to start m/c at an inconvenient place/time (mine all began at work) *testing on the tissue Things I preferred about natural ones: *didn't bleed as long overall *didn't have mixture of guilt and dread leading up to appointment *there was a definite difference between knowing I was pregnant and knowing I wasn't--when the d&c was over, it still took a few days for me to feel like I wasn't pregnant anymore the worst part was before the procedure. Driving there, being in the waiting room, prep work, anxiety, etc. All they did to prep was take some blood (although that was my doc to do additional testing) and give me an IV. They give you drugs so you don't remember anything, but I had about 1/4 of the normal dosage because meds really impact me heavily. So I do remember pretty much everything. They use anesthesia to numb your cervix, which is like a really strong pinch. I felt some sharp pokes, but it mainly felt like some general tugging that wasn't painful at all. I swear the procedure itself was less than 10 mins. If you have normal meds, I can't imagine you feel much physical pain. the only "reaction" I had was some cramping about 48 hours later. It wasn't as bad as a natural m/c though. I hope all goes well for you. Again, I'm so sorry you are going through this
  • One other thought is that they will give you medications for afterwards. The nurse doing all the prep said my doc would prescribe pain meds and anti-biotics. My doc actually doesn't do either of those things. But my hubby (he's such a good hubby) told the doc I'm a thinker and asked for sleep medication so I could rest and heal. She did prescribe that. I still had insomnia in the middle of the night, even while taking it. It could have been even worse. It may be something to consider if you think you'll have a hard time getting some sleep.
  • i had one yesterday. i was scared while i was having to wait, but they gave me some meds to relax right before i went into or. i closed my eyes in or and when i woke back up i was in recovery. i was in there an hour i guess then they moved me to phase 2 recovery. i was in there maybe ten minutes. i came home rested and i took today off. my dr. told dh if it were him he wouldn't work today. yesterday i felt fine very little bleeding and cramping. today i woke up cramping but nothing too painful and now no bleeding. my dr. dd give me a prescription for pain but i haven't used it.
  • I had a missed MC discovered on 4/8/08 and D&C on 4/10/08.  The worst part for me was the mental preparation.  I was so upset at the reason for the procedure.  Physically, it was easy (for me).  I was completely out... in fact, my doc joked with my husband saying "I could tell she didn't do drugs in college."  Needless to say, I was out with the first drip of the IV.  I have no recollection of the procedure, thank God.  After we go home, it was a beautiful day, we went on a walk.  It was great to move around.  I had no bleeding, no cramping. 

    Now to the most important part... I am very sorry for your losses.  I hope that everything goes well and you recover physically and emotionally.  Take care!

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  •   im very sorry for your lost. I just had a d&c a week ago. I was 10wks4days and my the baby stopped growing at 8wks. i went n for my 1st ultrasound n no heartbeat the next day i had a d&c. i went n at noon and had cried all night and they handed a papers when i got there n it said missed abortion. i hate that word abortion bc i wanted my baby! they took me back lab came and drew blood they started an iv and put teds and scds on my legs so i wouldnt get any blood clots. they gave me medicine to calm me i was very emotional my ob/gyn dr came n and prayed with me and they took me back they last thing i remember is a nurse wiped a tear from my cheek before i went to sleep. it took about 45mins. when i woke up i have cramps like any menstrual cramps. they gave me a shot of morphine and wheeled me to another room. then my mother came back n i had to stay until i would swallow some pills. which they made me drink and eat two crackers i so upset i had my mom eat them..lol...i really didnt have any bleeding at all until 4days after now im bleeding a lil more than my normal period. which i have light bleeding menstrual periods. the pain i really had not except slight cramps here and there. its more emotional than anything.  i would never want anyone 2 go through this but wat i always think God would never put anything in front of you that he didnt know you couldnt handle.
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