Craig's List Question - Selling Maternity Clothes?

Has anyone sold their maternity clothes (or any clothes in general) on Craig's List? I am planning on selling my maternity clothes on there, but I am not sure how to do it.  Did you sell each piece separately or put them all together and sell them for one price?  I am trying to figure out which way would make me the most money and which way people would be more likely to buy them.

Re: Craig's List Question - Selling Maternity Clothes?

  • I listed my maternity clothes as a large lot and priced it at $100.  I listed all the pieces that I had (over 100 pieces) which were all from Gap, Old Navy, Motherhood, and Pea in a Pod.  I didn't get any hits on it.  I ended up just donating it to Goodwill.  Using their fair market value sheet, I ended up "getting" more for each piece than if I had sold them. 
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  • I would list everything as a big lot (or divide into several lots by size/brand/whatever) unless you have some real specialty piece (winter coat, formal gown) and then sell that separately. . . and be prepared to donate if you just want to get rid of it.
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  • I personally think you'd have the best luck on ebay.  And I would sell it in a lot.  Depending on how much you have, you could just quote the shipping based on using a flat rate box.  Super easy.
  • I gave my sister all the really good stuff in her size.  the rest I took to a consignment sale that this lady puts on twice a year in town.  Most of the winter sold.  I'll take the rest to her spring sale and donate what doesn't sell

  • let me know if you put your clothes online! im in extreme need for decently priced mat clothes. im gonna be a single mom, with a part time job and pushing my way through college, and id love to buy your clothes, if they fit and are decently priced :)
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