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Does your pet know you're pregnant?

Do you think your pet knows you're pregnant?  Ever since I got pregnant, my dog has been extra attached/protective.  I really think he knows![Poll]

Re: Does your pet know you're pregnant?

  • OK, I said yes, but really it's my cat! She never cuddles, but even since I have started showing, she's always snuggling up to me. She's becoming quite the pest actually in the cuddling department!
  • I didn't vote because we have 2 cats, but since I've been pregnant the older cat has been constantly snuggling with me and following me everywhere - this is very unlike her so I'm wondering if it has something to do with the pregnancy
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  • Oh I should have asked if your PET knows!
  • I have a male and a female dog. The male doesn't act any different but my female dogs knows something is up. She is extremely cuddly (much more than before) and doesnt want to leave my side.
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  • I said yes, but I only 2 of the 4 are really acting different. :) other two are clueless 

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  • ok I changed it to pets so no one will be excluded now!  Smile
  • My 11 yo female border collie never leaves my side, ever, so I am sure that she knows.  However my 2yo female jack russell has really started to get clingy and i think she can feel the baby kick when she lays near my belly, it has been very cool to watch her!
  • I'm pretty sure my dad's dog knows. Every time I go over there, she immediately curls up on my belly and won't move (she's a Min Pin).
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  • With DD and now, our dogs like to use my belly as a pillow.  What's funny is that DD and baby #2 both kick the dogs in the head when they do it.
  • I have 3 cats and 1 dog and they all seem oblivious.
  • Both of my pets know something is up.  We have a 9 month old Bernese Mountain dog and she keeps coming up and nosing my belly.  She's also more cuddly with me than DH.  We also have a 1 1/2 year old cat and she won't stay off of me.  She always has to cuddle and be close to me and if DH comes near she usually growls at him or bites him.  I think she's a little protective.
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  • My dog doesn't seem to know but my cats definitely do. Ever since I've gotten pregnant, my cats have been either sleeping near me or sleeping ON me. In the very beginning, one slept on my stomach. 
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  • I have 2 cats, and one, the male, has been super attached to me and my stomach.  He has been acting like he did when he was a kitten...laying in my lap and on my stomach, following me around everywhere in the house. 
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  • I'm going to say they don't...I have two cats. Cats can be pretty duh, unless it has something to do directly with them. They've noticed changes in my behavior so they know something is different, and Lily has thoroughly enjoyed my growing bump. She used to like to sit on the couch and perch her front half on my leg (kind of how dogs like to sit)...now she's figured out she can sit on my lap and perch on the bump. It's cozy for both of us, especially when my ligaments are achy Smile
  • My older cat refuses to step on my at all (not even my feet) which is unusual for cats...and my kitten was pretty clueless until Patrick gave her a big kick for laying on me. Now she won't lay on me...but she's become extra attached.
  • I so say yes! My fiancee went out and bought an 11 month male pitbull when I was 4 weeks along. However instead of the "normal" sniff he went straight to my belly and he has been attached to ever since! Even when we are watching TV he comes up and rests his head on my belly, looks up at me and I swear almost winks as if to say, "Its okay mom, I'm here, I'll protect you." I totally think pets have that sixth sense!

     P.S. He is VERY protective of my 4 year old too and we have only had him 2 months!

  • I don't have a pet, but the kid I tutor has a golden retriever.  She literally tried to sit in my lap at the table the last time I was there, and when she realized that wasn't happening, she kept putting her head on my leg and gently nudging at my belly and wagging her tail.  A little distracting, but awfully cute!
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  • Nope, my dog is still technically a puppy. He's an 11 month Golden Retriever and thinks that he can jump all over me. He has used me several times for leverage onto the bed/sofa and uses my belly to jump off of them when he lays next to me :( 

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  • Well, I wouldn't say she's knows I'm pregnant, since she doesn't have any idea what "pregnant" is.

    But she certainly has been aware that something is up with me for some months now, and has gotten very clingy and protective of me. She is also much more in to snuggling than she normally was.

    I'm still second fiddle to her daddy though. Nothing will ever change that :)

  • Hahaha!  I have the exact opposite problem.  I have a 4 year old cavachon and she has been our baby for the last four years.  I am pregnant with my first and before I even knew I was pregnant she was having accidents (something that hasn't happened in years) and wanted nothing to do with me.  She has always been so cuddly and sweet and now she only wants my husband.  It was really bad the first trimester.  She would look right at me and pee on the floor.  She has come around a little bit now that she is maybe used to the idea.
  • I'm also "second fiddle" to DH - but my dog stopped jumping all over the place around me (finally!) and has started to act very calm, like she does around small children. She's a 1 yr old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever mix (not sure if breed makes a difference, but it might give some insight into her normal behavior as opposed to now). She's not exactly protective like other people have said about their dogs, nor is she very snuggly, since she's an outside dog; but I do appreciate her calming down!

  • My cat definitely knows. Since around six weeks he has been cuddling me constantly! He never did that before and was always extra attached to DH. Kind of odd really, but with my last pregnancy he never acted different towards me and I had a m/c at 8 weeks. I think animals do know.
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  • My two cats don't seem to know yet.  The younger one is very skittish, so I don't expect much from him, but the older one is surprising me that he hasn't seemed to pick up on it.  He knows when I'm upset, and comes to cuddle with me when I cry, but hasn't behaved differently since I've been pregnant. 

    The baby also hasn't kicked him when he does snuggle with me, so maybe that will be his wake up call in the future.  Stick out tongue

  • my boyfriend has a dog, and its a girl. she is sooo spoiled and hates when im over his house. we had a dinner party 2 nights ago, and crazy as it is, out of the 3 couples there, all three of us woman were preg. kaira (the dog) pretty much ignored the guys all night, growled at one. but was all over us girls, esp the girl that was the farthest along. i def think she knows whats going on, esp since she was ignoring her "daddy" all night. :)
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