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Menstral like cramping

I lost my plug about three days ago and I've been having some lower back pain and slight menstral like cramping. The cramping is low in my pelvic region. Are these just early signs of labor? Should I call my doctor? I'm not due until Jan. 12th, and I am full term so I'm not that worried. I would like to have my baby before the new year, so it could also be wishful thinking. Any opinions?!

Re: Menstral like cramping

  • Could be early labor.  Menstrual like cramps are one of the signs that my birth class mentioned.  However, I lost my MP at 33 weeks 4 days and am still pregnant.  I've also been having menstrual like cramps for a few days now so I wouldn't say labor is necessarily imminent.  Since you are 37 weeks, they won't do anything but let you deliver so I would probably just hang out, drink some water and see what happens.  When they get time able and more intense, you are probably in real labor and then I would call my doctor.  Good luck!
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  • I've had cramping and pain in my lower back like this since about 30 weeks. Still very much pregnant.

    It might be a sign that things may start picking up in the future, but for the time being it's a sign of nothing besides being 37 weeks pregnant. Drink some water, relax, and see what happens. You do not need to call your doctor unless you're contracting regularly or your water breaks.

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  • It can mean that labor is getting very close, especially if the cramping/contractions become more intense and closer together.  I've also had this cramping on and off since 35 weeks, I think it's just the body's way of preparing.  Good luck and I hope things pick up. 
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  • I've had an increase in cramping the past two weeks. For me, I feel sure that it normal body prepping for labor stuff. While you are welcome to call your doctor, it doesn't sounds like the things that my doc has put on my list of things to call about (5-1-1 contractions, water breaking, signs of pre-eclampsia, etc.)
  • I too have been having cramping and lower back pain. They are also accompanied at times by contractions. However, they aren't painful enough or in any type of consistent pattern, so I haven't been too concerned. I would say if they are extremely painful or timeable, then I would call. Otherwise, hang in there!

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  • Thanks everyone! Things seem to slow pick up! I've been having pelvic pressure and what not today! I see the doctor tomorrow to get my cervix checked so we'll see! Congrats to all who have already had their little ones!!!
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