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Hour 4 of some massive cluster feeding...

This kid is eating every hour on the hour, since 10:30. Does it have to be TONIGHT?! I'm exhausted from having a ton of people over today and we have all the festivities tomorrow! Merry Christmas! :-)
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Re: Hour 4 of some massive cluster feeding...

  • Sounds like my night last night! Hang in there, mama, and try to have a merry Christmas!
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  • Oy, we had the same night.  We got home from dinner with family a little before 10 and I was exhausted.  She was conked out from the car ride, but I figured I'd change her diaper and feed her so that I could go to sleep for a few hours.  She ate (without really any breaks other than burping and an occasional diaper change) from 10 to 4 something.  Then she was back up at 7 for another couple hours of non stop eating.

    I'm just trying to keep myself awake now because I know as soon as I fall asleep she is going to wake up for another go.  Stupid 10 day growth spurt.

  • yeah the worst Carson ever cluster feed was from 3:30pm to 12 pm with one hr nap from like 8:30-9:30. It sucked and I got a blister. I really hope you feel ok today and didn't get tore up too bad!!
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