3rd Trimester

officially in 3rd tri now!

I can't believe how fast the 2nd one went, and I know this one will go fast too!  Can't wait to have LO in my arms - now just need to come up with some names!

Re: officially in 3rd tri now!

  • It does seem like the 2nd went by soooo quickly!! I thought the first went by so slow that I thought this pregnancy was going to seem like it took forever. I'm one day ahead of you. GOOD LUCK! I CAN'T WAIT FOR OUR LITTLE GUY TO GET HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm still in shock too! But definitely feel PHYSICALLY in 3rd Tri...although I know there's so much more to go. One thing I need to do is to stop looking at twin bellies at 36 weeks...it's freaking me out way too much. 

    We're on our way...!

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