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Blanket Instead of Ergo Infant Insert

So I thought my baby would be big enough to use the Ergo without the insert -- not quite. She can't do the splits. And I see a lot on line about how you can use a blanket instead, but I'm not sure how. Should I roll one up on the bottom for her to "sit"on and then another around her back? Any tips or sites or (hopefully) pics or video? I"m a very visual learner, apparently.

I've been wearing her in a Sleepy and a RS for weeks, but I wanted to try the Ergo for long hikes. I think it might be more comfortable for me than the Sleepy is now that she's 12 lbs. 

Re: Blanket Instead of Ergo Infant Insert

  • From my understanding, the insert isn't just to keep their legs in a more comfortable position, it's also to protect their head/neck before they have good head control. The Ergo website recommends using the insert up to 4 months I believe.

    That being said, I got my Ergo when DS was around 3 months old, and never got an insert. BUT, when I wore him I was extremely careful not to jostle him around and if I needed to move in a way that might jerk his head around, I would put my hand up for support.

    Instead of the insert, I used an aden + anais swaddle blanket rolled up, and I kind of curved it under his bum along the line of his legs. So I centered the roll at the middle of his bum and let the ends run under his legs if that makes sense.

    But again, if you're planning on doing serious hiking and moving around, as your LO is still younger and presumably without excellent head control, I would bite the bullet and get the insert. Better safe than sorry.

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  • Also, have you ever considered using a real woven for those long hikes? It is a lot more adjustable as far as head support is concerned without having to buy a bunch of different accessories. I love my Ergo, but I love the comfort and versatility of my wovens.
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  • wovens aren't for me. i'm not worried about her head. it seems very secure in there. I'm worried about the placement of her legs. She likes to "stand" in all my carrier so I have to make sure her legs are spread and her bottom is down so she's secure. she's still too smal to spread and not froggy in the ergo. the part  of theinfant insert i need is the block pillow at the bottom, i think. in my sleepy and ring sling i can get the material to support her bottom to her knees, if that makes sense.
  • I was just going to ask the same question. DH got me an Ergo Sport for Christmas but I got it last night instead. woo hoo! He and I didn't know that we would need the insert and none of the stores in our area sell Ergo products, so we'd have to order it online. I don't mind that and will probably order it, since DD is only 1 month, we'll use it for a while if I really need it. But I really really wanted to use it today while we finish our Christmas shopping and this week while family is in town and we're out and about.

    I'm going to have to hunt online to see suggestions of how to use a blanket instead.

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