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traveling with a toddler.

OK so I have the following for a three hour flight:



-Little matchbox cars

-About 400 boxes of raisins, some mushed up veggie and fruit packs, and I'll pack him a sandwich

I'm screwed with milk - our security is at the gate and the screeners here won't let you bring milk even if it is for a kid (only formula).  They say you get it on the flight.  Booo.   I try every time but I'll just have to find a really nice stewardess who will hook me up right away.

The last flight we took was only 1.5 hours and he was a beast so I'm terrified over a flight double that :)   Any other suggestions appreciated!

Re: traveling with a toddler.

  • OMG...portable DVD player!!!!!  We're in the middle of a 6 hour road trip and have three of the four going in the car as we speak.  I wouldn't go any where without them!!!

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  • I would love it if he would watch TV but he won't :( Anytime we turn on the TV or computers in front of him, he turns it off.
  • Portable DVD player

    Travel Magna Doodle (Target sells them)

    A couple of lollipops - the sucking relieves pressure 

  • We are going on a flight tomorrow and I have her magna doodle, cars, cookies, suckers, coloring books and markers (I have a travel set of magic wonders so she can't color on anything). Little packs of play doh, sunglasses, her favorite blanket and stuffed animal. Her favorite cereal. i think that is it other than our phones will play movies so we downloaded her favorites. Our portable DVD broke last Christmas :( and we just bought a car system for our 14 hr drives. They really are the best!!! 
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  • We were on a 3 hour flight. We brought a portable DVD player, we flew jetblue so we had a tv, we bought brand new things like books and coloring books. She brought her favorite stuffed animal and we had some snacks. She was SOO good! Coming home, she fell asleep right before take off and then woke up 30 minutes before landing. Good Luck!
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