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Degree of readiness - clicky

How ready are you for baby to come?  Are you just "done" being pregnant?  Do you have everything you need for baby?  Are you mentally prepared (ha, whatever that means)?[Poll]
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Re: Degree of readiness - clicky

  • So ready. All my "loose ends" are tied up and I'm finally ready to get the show on the road...:)
  • I voted for how I felt last Thursday when my water broke. We had most of the "stuff" ready but mentally we were NOT there and work-wise I was not feeling ready to go out on leave and DH was in the middle of a big deadline.

    DH and I spent the whole night saying, "I'm not ready. Are you ready? I'm not ready! It's too soon!"

    But Lyla didn't care!

  • I am totally done being pregnant, but not yet ready to have the baby. I need at least 2 weeks until I'm baby ready.
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  • We are def. ready for her! And good thing, since my due date is 12 days away!! I am so anxious to meet her! I'm not worried or nervous about delivery or life with a newborm, I am just so ready to begin this next phase of my life!

    However, with that said, I have been so. freakin. busy.  I really, really want her to stay in until right around her due date so I can get a chance to relax!  work is insane for me right now, preparing a new teacher to take over my class, so I have to train her all day, then bring all my work home with me to do at night.  I get very little down time.  I just want a day or two to veg out! But of course she will come when she wants to come, and whenever that is, we will be thrilled!!! Even if it is on Christmas Day! :) 

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  • Well, we are ready in that we have all her stuff set up, clothes/bedding/blankets/towels washed, etc. Physically, I am tired. I can't move and I'm uncomfortable. I am ready to have her out. However, emotionally, I'm not sure. Are you ever really ready for a baby? lol. I get nervous at times being a first time mom. I know I can do it but sometimes there are moments of doubt but DH always reassures me. He is so amazing. We are both nervous excited and can't wait for her to be here and start our "adventure". 
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  • I am definitely ready in the sense that my body hurts and it will feel better to have her out but I also know that it is easier to have a baby in the belly than in arms LOL. I've been telling everyone that as soon as Christmas is over, she's welcome to come. We have too much to do this week!
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  • I was fairly eh, whatever until I found out my induction date is in 10 days and not like, a month-ish, and now I'm freaking out.  And it's about the dumbest, most nitpicky things ever... THE BABY CAN'T COME YET I'M REORGANIZING THE BOOKSHELVES.
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  • I voted "Getting close, buit not quite ready"- but I may change my mind if this sleeping-4-hours-a-night crap keeps up! :( At this point I think I'll sleep more when he gets here...
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  • SS maybe?  I personally am 1000% ready (emotionally ready, have everything wrapped up at work (way early), have his room and belongings ready, etc) but at 36w Aidan clearly isn't, so I can't really wish him out yet.

    Edited to add some detail

  • I'm done and so ready! Just locked in our newborn photographer and that was all I had left to do. I could care less if this baby comes on Xmas. I just want to see her already!
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  • I could handle physically being pregnant while longer, I am not that uncomfortable, but I am mentally ready to meet LO, and we have all the preparations in place, so anytime she wants to come works for us!  I'd rather it be after 37 weeks of course, so anytime after Christmas.
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    I voted "Getting close, buit not quite ready"- but I may change my mind if this sleeping-4-hours-a-night crap keeps up! :( At this point I think I'll sleep more when he gets here...


    Yes- this exactly! I'm so tired! Last night I was up to pee for the upteenth time and then just walked around a bit to try and get the kinks out of my back and kept thinking- it would be so much nicer to do this with a babe in my arms! I still have much left to do though and at 34 weeks, I know my LO is not ready yet!


  • Ready, ready, ready!

    We did all of our hospital packing for "just in case" with the version last weekend. Now that he is head-down I want him to come before he decides to flip back. Between that and having sporadic contractions--I am ready! We do still need to get the crib side-carred, but I am not stressed about that. We can just put it next to our bed with all 4 sides up if we haven't figured out the side-carring by the time he comes.

  • i voted SS... i've been miserable most of my pregnancy so i've been feeling like im just ready for it to be over... however last night i completely started freaking out and changed my mind... it was such a sudden dramatic change... idk what brought it on.... but i felt like i was having a panic attack and now i just dont want her to come out... i want her to stay where she is nice and safe and i can protect her... im just nervous about having other ppl handling her.  i feel like im going to be terribly over protective... :(


  • I am so ready. I am uncomfortable beyond belief. I have not had a chance to sleep with my husband (just sleep, no hanky panky) in over a month because I cannot lay down. I have been have contractions for over a week but am not really dialating too much. Just about 1 centemeter as of Friday when I was in L&D.

    I am ready.

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  • I don't know if I will every be ready.  I am anxious and excited to finally meet him, but man, becoming a parent is kinda overwhelming.

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  • I am very done but Im conflicted because I either want him to come this weekend or wait til after the New Year so that hes not too close to Christmas. So if he doesnt come by tomorrow Im going to stop walking so much and doing things to get him out.
  • I'm 38 weeks, 1 day and am not ready at all for this baby even though I've been having contractions for over 2 weeks now and am having the normal, late pregnancy discomfort, and the baby has been at 0 station for nearly two weeks.

    The nursery isn't close to being set up, I am not done with work yet (I need at least one more week there), I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, my house is a disaster because its been raining and we have a dog and construction going on right now that track mud in all the time, my bags aren't packed for the hospital, and I'm just not ready for another baby yet mentally. Hopefully I don't deliver for another week/10 days at least but my doctor thinks before Christmas is more likely. 

  • Actually, if I could hold this baby in until March or so, I'd be more than happy to do that. 
  • Mentally and physically (meaning my body) I am so done being pregnant and I am so ready for Gavin to arrive.  I am hoping to make it through Christmas so I can be home with DD. 

    As far as being ready with STUFF, no way.  Thanks to the window company, most of our construction on the kids' rooms has gotten effed up and we are working around it, but the nursery is not a nursery yet.  DD's dresser has not arrived so her old dresser is in DS's new room with half his stuff and half hers and all her sheets, valence, and nursery decor is still up.  Hubby is painting this week, but we haven't figured out what's happening with her in the meantime since she is refusing to vacate her crib and I don't have the energy to fight with her.  I have his carseat installed, clothes washed, diapers and burp clothes and blankets on hand, and new pump parts and bottles/ sterilizer in case.  That's all I "really" need!!

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  • I'm miserable and totally ready. I hate not being able to take care of DD1 because I can't get off my butt and play with her like she wants to. I just want to see my two girls together. I want to have L&D over with. I want to not have to worry about all the things that could go wrong in these last few weeks of pregnancy.

    Anytime after Christmas, she's free to make her escape. 

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  • I am done and ready for this baby to come any time. We have everything ready and I am physically and mentally ready.
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  • Ready, ready!! Tired of hurting!! My doc also told me that she didnt think that I would make it to my due date and it should be "any day now," so that has really mentally prepared me. Let's do this thing. :)

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  • Not ready!!  We don't have the car seat installed, no dresser/changing table, the crib isn't put together, and I haven't finished washing clothes and blankets.  Not to mention I just got used to the idea that I'm pregnant, I just have to start wrapping my mind around the fact that this will end in a BABY.  SO has been making fun of me for wanting to get everything done already, but after reading this thread I feel way behind.  I'm telling him tonight that we are not waiting until I am in labor to put the crib together, dammit.
  • I voted ss. While I am super excited and can't hardly wait for her arrival to be honest, I love being pregnant and am not ready to not be pregnant anymore, LOL. 
  • I think I'm pretty ready with most of the "stuff" but mentally I'm still like, "what!?!? I'm going to have a newborn!?!" but I think I was seriously nesting this weekend - super cleaned the entire apt, went on a huge x-mas shopping spree, wrapped everything, installed the car seat, oh, and I think I lost my MP....at least I had some spotting sat night.
  • SS - If LO came home tomorrow everything would be here that he would need. There are a few little odds and ends that I may pick up before I deliver, but if not its no big deal.

    However, being as that I am only 34 weeks, I am in NO hurry for him to get here anytime sooner than 3 weeks from now!

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  • Sooo not ready... our families have been telling us to hold off on buying more baby stuff until after Christmas, as they've bought several of our big ticket items we did not get yet as Christmas gifts... so we are waiting, but I hate not being ready in case she is early (granted, I am not due until the end of Jan, but you never know).  Plus, EVERYBODY got us size 2 diapers, and then explained "Well, I figured you would get so many newborn and size 1, you would need some of the size 2 for when the time comes!" well everyone had that idea because we got 3 regular size packages of size 2 and one of the humongous crates of them, and that was it.  Long story short, we have no diapers for this baby, and I just haven't gotten around to going and buying some... her room just got finished today (closet doors are FINALLY up now that the missing piece came in the mail from Lowe's), and it needs to be set up still... clothes aren't washed, I haven't even really done a "count" on her clothes to make sure I'm not missing something huge.  We HAVE the carseat, just haven't installed it (want to be able to put the seats of our SUV down when we go to my mom's for Christmas so we can take her glider home with us).  And I'm a teacher but haven't even started writing lesson plans for my long term sub... WHEW!  I feel overwhelmed :)
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  • I need to pack a bag for ds and a bag for me, and while everything may not be perfect at this point I'm ready to be done.  I'm so tired of feeling miserable!
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