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Should we stop PTing?

I think I am royally screwing up potty training my 2.5 year old DD.  She seemed to be ready as much as I could tell; interested in sitting on the potty, staying dry for long periods, knows when she has to poop.  And she finally went poop on the potty at her preschool this week.  So yesterday I put her in underwear and we started telling her to tell us when she has to go potty.  We also had her try to go a few different times during the day.  Well she had two accidents and no success on the potty but I was okay with that.  Today, back in underwear and I think DH and I overdid it with reminding her to tell us about when she has to go, because when I tried to take her to the bathroom to try she refused to sit on the potty.  Also, we made the monumental mistake of going out to the mall and I stupidly thought it would be no big deal to take her to the public bathroom there.  So she had an accident but was clearly afraid to sit on the potty there.  Then at home she had three more accidents and the last two she didn't even tell us she was wet and is now refusing to sit on the potty at all. 

I am starting to think we need to stop and try this again in a couple months.  But I also don't want to give up too early if this is all typical - I know it's only been a couple days but I really feel like we just made this all too big a deal and have traumatized her into not wanting to use the potty. 

Would you stop and try again later or keep pushing on?

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Re: Should we stop PTing?

  • try setting a timer and tell her when she hears it it is time to go.  This way you take yourself out of the situation and she feels like she has control.  I might wait till after the holidays so you have a good 2-3 days of being at home so you don't have to worry about public restrooms right away. 
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  • For the past few months DS has been peeing on the potty at daycare on a regular basis during the week and also on the weekends.  I often put him in underwear in the morning for a few hours on the weekends, and he has had a few accidents.

    We are really in no rush to potty train, so we are taking it day by day.  If you aren't in a rush, I would just keep trying the underwear here and there and just be prepared for some accidents. 

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  • my son pees for jelly beans.  everytime he successfully goes on the toilet he gets a jelly bean....toddler crack.  I have set a timer but more for myself.  I guess I could tell DS that when he hears the beep it's time to try to potty.  A lot of times, I have to catch DS concentrating or feeling on his underwear then I know he's about to go.  I tell him, "Hurry up and let's go pee pee on the potty so you can get a jelly bean."

    I'm totally not ashamed to bribe. 

  • We are doing the timer thing.  I find he is more likely to go if the timer tells him then me.  I am also having better luck letting him go without diapers or undies if we are home.  I find if he has undies on he is more likely to have an accident.  Right now he holds it better while naked.  At the moment if we have to leave the house I am putting a diaper on him.  We also do sticker rewards.

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  • We lucked out with our DD. She's been fully PT, including nights, since 2.5 years. I think you rushed into the underwear thing too quickly. Continue with the diapers and bring her into the potty every 2 hours for now. Don't ask her if she has to go, just put her on the potty. If she pees, make a big deal. We would sing and dance! If you do plan an underwear-only weekend, make sure that your schedule is clear and that you're home for the WHOLE weekend. If you flip flop too much, she'll get confused. Don't do underwear this weekend, diapers next weekend, etc. Until she can tell you when she has to pee too, then continue with diapers until she's more consistent. Keep working on it...don't give up! Also if you send her to potty every 2 hours, make sure that her school is doing it too. Honestly, consistency is really key in being successful! Good Luck!
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