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OK I have a question I am a little embarrassing to ask. I am currently six weeks pregnant with my first child. Now on to the embarrassing part, The past week I have had the worst gas I have ever had. It is so bad that I think my husband is considering moving into the garage! Lol Any suggestions? I have tried to alter my diet and stay away from foods that normally seem to make me gassy but nothing has seemed to help.

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  • My husband jokes that my pregnancy gas could clear out a department store. :-) I haven't found a way to get rid of it, so I just tried to warn people Surprise
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  • lol it makes me nervous. I teach middle school children. What if it slips out while I am teaching. I would never live it down! I guess I will just buy my husband a gas mask for Christmas.
  • As far as I can tell, this is just another pregnancy thing.  Like with many other pregnancy-related fun stuffs, flatulence is something you'll have to approach with a sense of humor.  No use in being embarrassed!  My method for dealing with it was to address the farts up front and crack a joke about it.  That usually diffused any embarrassment on my part and lightened up that awkward moment when I'd just let one rip around one or more other people who didn't know if they should acknowledge it or not.  Good luck!  =)

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  • I have heard that Gas-X works and it's safe for baby.  I haven't tried it yet, don't need to but it will be on the list when I do that's for sure!

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  • Tell him to get a Hazmat mask and get used to it! lol...doesn't go away until you give birth. lol
  • I had terrible gas starting very early on and honestly I just learned to embrace it and kind of make a joke out of it.  I would try to time it right and fart near or on DH whenever possible Stick out tongue

    Ha, I'm an awful wife.

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  • 12 weeks pregnant here - I would suggest Gas-X! It is safe and works well. I don't mind the actual GAS I just wish it would come OUT! Around 10 weeks I was getting the worst cramps. Gas-X has literally been a life saver.
  • It's a normal part of pregnancy. I had it for a few months in my first trimester. DH and I had gas wars :)
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  • yea totally normal. DH doesnt say anything now, but def did when I was pregnant with DS
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  • It's completely normal and expect it for the next 9 months.  I think mine is a lot worse this time around, but maybe I just don't remember all the gas from the first time around.
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  • Nice to know we aren't the only one's!  My husband also complains about me, and he even brought it up the last time we visisted the doc!  How embarassing.  All we can do is laugh about it, even know I could clear a whole school!
  • My husband and I laughed really hard when his 'daddy-to-be' book said that pregnancy gas is like a hillbilly opera.  We just laugh about it. I figure it's better to release what needs releasing than holding it in!
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  • Welcome to pregnancy!  DH will get used to it...  Let him join you!!  I know, DH and I are totally gross, but he will make it a "friendly competition" when I get really gassy.
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  • I have the same problem. So much worse than period farts (and they were pretty bad!)


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  • Gas-x!  Sorry - just part of pregnancy!  All that muscle relaxing!
  • I know what you mean, when I was in my first trimester, it was almost unbearable for my dog, let alone my husband.  Good news, it will go away in a few weeks.  I am now 29 weeks and I don't have that issue anymore but sometimes I sound like an elephant is coming out of my butt!  LOL!!!
  • You're very normal! Our metabolism slows down drastically during pregnancy, particularly during our first trimester. I'm normally not gassy at all but had trouble during the first few months. It started to go away during the second trimester and I learned to avoid (sadly) large salads in particular. Roughage/fiber is the worst! Small portions only. Let your husband know that the gassy situation will diffuse by the second trimester.

    Also, my OBGYN said NO to Gas-X. I saw that someone else posted it was safe. Make sure you ask your doctor before taking anything. She advised me to avoid it, told me Tums was a safe solution for indigestion (which, gratefully, hasn't been a problem). 

    In the meantime, keep some good-smelling room spray handy.  :)

  • Hahaha...I was farty before the pregnancy, now I think I can power a small motor boat to shore. Mine are less stinky but they just come out now. 28 weeks prego now and last night I was lucky enough that everytime I "popped" my husband just thought I was moving something around. They were uncontrollable! It's tough, you have to eat higher fiber because you otherwise get stopped up, but if you eat them you sound like an 80 year old woman who can't control her VERY loud poots! Let's face it girls...they aren't poots, THEY ARE STRAIGHT UP MAN FARTS!! But it will become something that will be funny between you and your husband, it's just part of it. Trust me, pretty soon, your GIGANTIC boobs will make up for the gas. God knew what He was doing. :)
  • Actually, your metabolism speeds up. That's why you need to eat more. In any case, if you limit your carbs (eliminate all refined/white/sugar carbohydrates and limit all other ones to small portions) you probably will not have much of a problem with gas or constipation.

    When I was 6-7 weeks pregnant, I was eating loads of carbs. I was constipated, I felt sick all the time and I had mega gas. Over the past 3 weeks I've stopped eating so many carbs (all carbs have been drastically reduced...including fruit) and made sure to eat enough fat (I don't buy low/non fat things and I use unsalted butter (not margarine) and olive oil regularly) to make my insides all slippery. I have had little gas and ZERO constipation. So basically, all the carbohydrates I was eating was making my life miserable. Just try it for a few weeks, and see if it works for you too.

  • Oh, been there, sister! Make sure you are getting some good probiotics and digestive enzymes. Both safe for us pregnant ladies, and recommended by my naturopathic doctor. My gas culprits are sugar and dairy, those might be things for you to avoid as well. Good luck! Your husband is just jealous he can't beat you in a farting contest hahaha!
  • My doctor says Beano is ok to use also.  Fart wars are funny at home but at work it's just about painful to hold it in!  Ack!
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  • Just remember that it could be worse...when i was pregnant i would sneeze and pee myself!!! i laugh about it now, but at the time it got a little annoying!! lol
  • Learn to laugh about it...me and my husband did.  I didn't have it from the south but I have been belching like a frat boy after a keg party.  My husband just laughs and finds it cute.
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  • Gas is absolutely normal. :)

    My daughter is four months old now and even the gas afterwards is awful! It's noisy AND stinky. Be prepared, the gas wasn't the worst thing. At the end of the pregnancy (around 32 weeks) I started to snore. Like the kind of snoring a trucker with sleep apena would do. My husband knew the second I fell asleep because I would start wheezing and honking away. The last few weeks, he would escape to the back bedroom for a few hours while I was out so he could sleep without being woken up. It wasn't personal - the good news is that the snoring went away!

  • as long as he truly loves you and knows it isnt permanent i wouldnt worry about it. my boyfriend just thinks its silly and just makes fun of me every so often. i burp louder than he does! and poor boy if he lifts up the blankets at 3 am!
  • sorry, but i think your husband's an ass and unfair!

    everything and anything makes me gassy, and i'm 22 weeks, and although my boyfriend and i poke fun of how gassy i've become, if he ever insulted or belittled my pregnancy in that way i would suggest he walked away from my life.

    it's a part of pregnancy and i believe he needs to be there for you even with your gasses and everything else being pregnant comes with. he shouldn't make you feel this way, he should stick through it! in fact he should learn to love your gasses because you and your body are sacrificing a lot more than he ever will for the sake of your child.

  • Sdye84,

    I am 16.6 weeks and have gas a lot. On Sunday, my DH and I were sitting on the bed while watching our nephew play the new Michael Jackson Wii game. Our nephew looked so funny trying to dance like MJ. My boyfriend made a joke, and I laughed a ripped off a big-one. Talk about embarrassing!! I excused myself and we all had a big laugh. I know that my body is not my own these days and I'm just going with the territory. Sometimes it seems like no end to pregnancy symptoms.

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