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What's your little girl call her vagina?

I dont like the "noony" or "privates"... But Ive also never liked to sound of vagina. As of now I call it her vagina... But maybe theres something better and still appropriate? Im trying to instill an understanding of her body so her calling it her "private" just isnt my style... :/

What do you have your daughter call hers?

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Re: What's your little girl call her vagina?

  • I'm no help.  For a while it was her "potty".  Just a generic.  But now that she's potty training and aware of her different body parts it started getting confusing.  So we told her about vagina and penis [and butthole - but that wasn't supposed to actually catch on]. 


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  • Ugh during the age of "exploration," we'd tell her not to touch herself in front of people.  So now she calls it her "self."  UGh.  DH won't speak of it, or calls it "under her underwear.  I say vagina.
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  • we call it a "gina" but said like the end of vagina, not the name gina.  Hope that makes sense.
  • It always weirded me out that my parents never referred to it by its real name when I was little and I do want Sasha to know all the real names for body parts. So we say vagina. Except that we're Russian and I really don't like that word in Russian (and it's super long!), so I say it in English. Sasha usually just says "gina", but sometimes also says "VA gina" (with a pause after the "va" part). She once said it to my MIL while getting dressed and for some reason, it amused DH.
  • She just says that it is her body. That's what she took to, so we'll stick with it for now.
  • DH and I call it her vagina, she pronounces it gina.  

    My SIL  taught her DS to call his penis a penis, but his sister has a hole.  That drives me up the wall.  It's a vagina, call it a vagina or for pete sakes something besides hole.  

  • image LoveEeyore:
    Ugh during the age of "exploration," we'd tell her not to touch herself in front of people.  So now she calls it her "self."  UGh.  DH won't speak of it, or calls it "under her underwear.  I say vagina.

    Her "self" is hysterical!  Also "DH won't speak of it" lolol.  My girls call it a vagina, but we/they will also generically refer to it as their privates at times.   

  • my lil girl calls hers her 'cranny'

    when she was little and i gave her a bath i would tell her to stand up so i could wash her nooks and crannys because she was all rolls down there lol then one day she called it her cranny. she calls her butt her 'bum' so here in our house we have bums and crannys :)


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  • Mine calls hers a wookie. I dont really know where it came from but thats what she calls it.

  • vagina or body or bottom - depends on the context or why she is saying it.

    I'm trying to break the body label & get her to understand what body really is, but she isn't buying it.  She is pretty convinced her vagina is her body
  • We call it vagina.  I hate the cutesy nickname names.  Of course DD can't say vagina, so she says "gina" (as in I, not the ee sound in the name Gina).  I don't want her to be embarrassed to say the real name for things.  DH will not say penis.  Wang, thing, etc., but not the real name.  It just seems ridiculous.
  • DD doesn't call it anything yet, but we say vagina.  We speak openly about her body parts, asking her where her vagina is, and she knows.  My BIL thinks we are really weird for doing that, but that's what it's called!  I don't want her to be embarrassed to know and use the real names.  I've also caught myself saying privates or private parts, mostly when she is putting her hand in her pants in front of everyone or when we attempt to use the potty.  I don't really know why cuz I do want her to know the real name. I also hate the cutesy names.
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  • She calls it her vagina, which right now comes out as "bagina" and makes me want to giggle.

    We also refer to that area as her private parts. 


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  • She calls it a cuchie and for boys, a peeper. She calls her bottom  a bum bum!
  • Pee-pee. I thought that was pretty common. One night my DS was climbing over something, and I said (without even thinking about it), "You're going to hurt your ding dong!" Well, they thought that was hilarious. So they have been using it for DS. We say "buns" for their butts, which is weird because I never used to say that word until they came along.
  • I call it her vagina and bottom. She refers to the whole area as her bottom. I think that is from her potty video that has a song telling her to wipe her bottom from front to back lol!
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  • We say vagina. It's very important to me that our kids know the proper names. If, God forbid, anyone ever did something inappropriate to them and they told their teacher or someone else I'd want the teacher to know exactly what they were talking about.

     One of my preschoolers calls hers a "cookie" and it drives me insane. If I didn't know and she came up to me and said, "Uncle Joe touched my cookie" I would have thought she was talking about her snack or something.

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  • The idiocy in this post is killing me. It's a vagina, forfuckssake.
  • DD is 5 now but she use to call it her front butt thanks to DH. She has a hard time remembering and pronouncing vagina, so she just says privates right now.

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  • "This is my crotch and this is my butt."  That is what she says.
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  • image goodheartedmommy:
    The idiocy in this post is killing me. It's a vagina, forfuckssake.

    The post doesn't say "what should we call her vagina," it refers to a done deal. I use the proper words for as much as possible, but DD has a tendency to make up her own vocabulary regardless.

    To answer the OP, DD calls it her "pee pee."

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  • Not always, but we typically say "girly bits". Rear-ends are "tushies" here.
  • She calls it her vagina.
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  • She calls it all her hiney. I've tried teaching her that it's a vulva. I tell her we pee from the front where our vulva is. We poop from our hiney. She insists on calling it all her hiney. I've also been known to call it her cookie. 

    If you ask her where the boobies are, she touches her shoulders. lol  

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