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Our baby is almost 4 months and ready for an activity center.  If you love yours, please do tell!  We bought the Baby Einstein Around the World one, but have not opened it yet.  I am considering returning it because we have the activity mat with the same theme, and I worry the  music will be the same. If you have those and can comment on that, please do! But if you have another brand that you love, what is it and what features does it have?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Recommend your activity center

  • FP farmyard jumperoo or rainforest jumperoo My lo bores quickly with exersaucers....IMO the BE around the world discovery center doesn't have enough music
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  • My DH picked one up at Once Upon a Child for like $35 dollars.  It's a EvenFlo Smart Steps Excersaucer.  I don't know if you can find it stores because it might be a year old or so but my DD LOVES IT!  It has a lot of stuff on it (which was really important to she wouldn't get bored) and it spins around so she can go to all the stations.  She started using one at Daycare so we figured it was time.  So excited about all the new toys she is playing with.  
  • We have both the Around the World playmat and activity center and love them both.  The music is slightly different...however, each song only plays for 30 seconds, and there's only 3 songs.  They do not play continuously like on the playgym, your child (or you) need to press the button.  Our son makes so much noise playing with the other toys on the activity center that he doesn't miss the continuous music.'s a break for my ears!
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