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She's making herself throw up!! Help.

So DD has been making herself throw up. She did it 3 nights ago and we thought that she was just gagging and then threw up, then she did it again the next night, so we thought maybe it was something new that we introduced and she wasn't responding well to it. Last night she was fine and then tonight she did it again! She doesn't gag herself with her fingers, she literally forces it up, like dry heaves and makes her face all red and then throws up. She wasn't choking, she would look at me, smile, and then force it up. WTF??!!  Is this just a phase? Could something be wrong? She seems fine before and after vomiting, no other 'symptoms'. And she's only been doing it at dinner time, no other feedings. What could this be? TIA

-She's 9 1/2 months, average size, FF, and eats almost everything

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Re: She's making herself throw up!! Help.

  • Well I think I read somewhere that babies "esophogeal sphincter" (sp?)muscle is very loose when they are young, hence all the spit-up.  DS likes to make that throaty noise too and turn red between bloodcurdling shrieks in the highchair sometimes, but it doesn't lead to throwing up.  Maybe your DD's muscle is just not developed yet.

    If it's worrying you, call or email your pedi to ask.  If they think it's troublesome I'm sure they'll tell you to come in, but maybe it's not uncommon and they can put your mind at rest.

  • This is so weird, because I was just going to post something like this!!!  DD made herself throw up tonight because she kept sticking her fingers down her throat.  She's been doing that often, but she never threw up until tonight.  I'm kind of worried by this. :(
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