3rd Trimester

I'm officially the crazy pregnant lady...

I just finished my Christmas shopping and was walking back into our townhouse complex from the car. There was a group of teenage boys standing there on there phones texting and talking about their plans for the night. Of course they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk in the way. Some looked at me, smiled at my belly and moved to the side but minded their own business. Ohhh, but there was this one boy at the end of the group that turned around to be face to face with my belly as he had just finished tying his shoe. Which imediatly his reply, as he starred at my belly, was "Whoa... God damn!" with huge eyes like he was surprised. 

I was going to just ignore it because he's a teenage boy and really doesn't know. BUT then he said aloud like 2 seconds later. to his friends "Did you see how big that lady's belly was? I mean DAMN!!!"

That very second I stopped in my tracks turned around and walk (or waddled) up to him and warned him...

"You best be careful what you say or do around a pregnant lady... You say something to the wrong pregnant lady and she may just chop you up into little pieces." I started to turn around to walk inside but I thought I'd wrap it up with, "OH, and if you don't want to deal with this (as I shook my belly) you better always use protection!!!"

Feeling satisfied by the scared look on his face I turned to walk to our townhouse. My satisfaction only grew to hear his friends laughing at him and giving him crap.  

 It's official... they will always know me and the crazy pregnant lady. :)

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