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Re: Breast or Bottle?

  • I plan on breastfeeding, the way I did with my first two children. I'm glad the article didn't put down formula feeders, though. Most 'breast is best' articles on breastfeeding tend to push breastfeeding as the ONLY way to give your baby nutrition, and that if you feed your baby formula you're murdering him or her. Some women just can't do it, or some women have to work and need to pump (and pumping sometimes isn't very successful) and then it's back to formula. Or, some women have very personal reasons why they just can't put a baby to their breast and feed them. I once knew a woman who'd been raped, and her breasts were heavily fondled and violated during it. Because of that, she couldn't handle even her husband touching her there being intimate, and when it came time to have a baby she couldn't handle a baby touching her there either. Formula feeding was all she could do and she was a fab mom.

    Sorry if this seems like a rant. I totally believe breastfeeding IS the best thing you can do for your baby, but those who can't or don't want to shouldn't be put through hoops of fire about it. 

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  • Well said Tiff!  I also plan on BF, but I know a girl that couldn't and she felt awful about it.  She had a boob reduction mishap and completely ruin her breast and the tissue inside.. so she couldn't do it.. 

    and I did really like the article!  Thanks for sharing it

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  • This time around, I plan on trying to BF but I am concerned about it.

    First let me say that with ds, he was preemie.... he went right to the NICU and I was young and not assertive about it and lost my oppurtunity to BF him. He also needed way more calories so he would have been supplemented with Neosure so it just didn't work out. With dd, I tried but after a few days, she had trouble with her bowels all along and she ended up being allergic to milk and soy so it was better for her to go on a hypoallergenic formula instead of me cutting things out of my diet. The few days I had with BFing Lily, were ok. I can't say that I am experienced with it but should she had been able, I would have continued.

    So this being my last baby, I am giving it a 100% effort and hopefully things work out. It is one thing that would really bug me if I couldn't for at least one of the kids. My concern is that I HATE my nipples touched. They are super sensitive and I don't know if I can last a year at BFing exclusively. I hate them being touched and it makes me want to cringe thinking about it. So, I will give it a try and if all else fails, I will pump and feed him from bottles. I would be happy with that since it is a better step than the last two.


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  • As long as I don't have any issues like I did with my first DS I plan on breastfeeding DD like I did my other two DS. I am buying formula and do already have bottles just in case though.
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  • WELL SAID TIFF!!!  People are quick to judge when they have no idea (not that it's any of their business) what a mother is going through that may prevent her from doing certain things. 

    I 100% plan to BF/pump (already have my medela).  Either way, my main goal is for LO to have breast milk.  I think I will be crushed if I end up not being able to for some medical reason.  Otherwise I am sticking it out no matter what.        

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