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how we are announcing to family!

Hello girls,

We always have Christmas morning at my DH's parents house, including a big breakfast and gifts. This year DH has to work on Christmas Eve (we live 6 hours away) so we are sending out 2 DDs with his mom a few days before so that DD1 can be there for Santa cookie making with her cousin. We are going to have a small gift opening here before they go and I'm going to have Maddy open a gift with 2 shirts in it: one says Biggest Sister and the other says Big Sister. She asks all the time when we are having #3 so I'm sure she will be thrilled.

Anyway,we are driving there when DH gets off work.  On Christmas morning, I'm going to have them put their shirts on under their PJS before we go downstairs. After all the gift opening, I'm going to take the PJ tops off and see how long it takes for the family to notice!! I'm so excited to see their reactions! We will then have them wear the shirts over to my familys christmas get together and share the news there too!


Thanks for reading!


Re: how we are announcing to family!

  • Cute!

    Were telling our families at Christmas too!!

    I'm making onsies that say I love my Big Pop, Grandmom, Uncle, etc.

    I am so excited to tell them!!



  • That's really cute. I'm sure everyone will love it! Congratulations!
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  • What a great idea. I can never keep secrets, I started calling my family at 5 in the morning the day I took the test. It did not take half a day for everyone in my family to know, but my DH did not tell his family for about two weeks after.

  • I am planning to tell family at christmas too.  I have to say I'm more nervous about there reaction then excited.  I feel like im 16 or something.  it totally makes no sense.  I have an U/S today I only around 6 weeks so I don't know if we will get a picture if we do I want to wrap it and give it as a joint gift to my Aunts. If we don't get a picture I need another Idea.  Suggests?
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  • Our office gave us a picture at our 6 week u/s and we put that in a frame when we announced our DS pregnancy.  This time I'm making a scrapbook for my MIL, I'm not sure how she will take this announcement as she watches our DS one day a week.  Not sure she will want to add another one to the mix.  For my family we are doing a homemade gift exchange so I have a smaller scrapbook for them to open.  I also have a big brother shirt, but don't know if I want to use that or the scrapbooks I made.  Such decisions!

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