3rd Trimester

OUCH!!! Just tried a version!!

This is kind of an update to an update on 36/37 week ultrasound shows breech.  I was  referred to an OB/GYN that will do/try Versions.  My doctor wouldn't.  I went into the hospital this morning for 8am so we could try to get the baby to flip.  No Go!!!  She isn't bugging from where she is at.  The doctor tried 3X to get her to go head down.  She actually pushed back.  Heart rate was monitored as well as her position and the position of the placenta and cord. 

I don't particularly like pain-kind of a sissy.  But this hurt like a son of B!!!!  They gave me some meds to help relax the uterus-made my heart rate speed up and I felt stoned(been a lllooonggg time for that).  I will not lie...It really fing hurts.  I thought if I could handle labor 3x this would be a piece of cake.  Not so.  I didn't freak or anything, just really had to concentrate on breathing through the pain.  The crappy part is going through all that pain for nothing... No Turn!! 

I am scheduled for a c/s on Monday the 20th.  Gotta be at the hospital early.  Looks like I have a week left before I meet my girl. 

Re: OUCH!!! Just tried a version!!

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