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18 weeks today and no movement?

Baby has grown to the size of a sweet potato now and I still can't feel him/her!  This is baby #2 for us and everyone has told me "you'll feel this one sooner."  Liars!

 My 2nd pregnancy ladies- when did you start to feel baby # 2 move constantly?  I can't remember with baby #1; I think it was around 20 weeks.

 Our anatomy scan isn't until December 23rd, I'm just getting worried.  I remember what baby movement feels like when you're 8-9 months pregnant with your belly rolling all over, not these beginning stages!

Re: 18 weeks today and no movement?

  • I think they say you feel #2 sooner just because it is assumed you recognize those flutters arent gas :-) I am sure this baby is just cozy and sleepy!! :-) I would start to worry if you didnt feel anything after 20 weeks
  • I'm not a 2nd timer... but I am 20 weeks tomorrow and still haven't felt anything... :(
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm not feeling anything either.  I just had a sonogram and the baby was moving around actively. I feel a kick (I guess that's what it is) every now and then , but it's definitely not consitent like I've read.
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  • I'm 18 weeks today too, although this is just my first, and I haven't felt anything yet either.  I was kind of hoping I would since my anatomy scan isn't until Jan. 3rd.  :(  It worries me a little bit too since I have so long in between appts, but hopefully I will begin feeling something before my appt!
  • It's normal not to feel anything up until week 20+ but you might also have an anterior placenta. I just found out I do and I'm surprised because I have felt something...nothing consisent but some movement  when laying flat on my back, I'm sure we'll be feeling it soon!
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  • I am with summerbride11. This is my 3rd. I feel liitle flutters and once a huge roll but its not constant. I have my scan on the 27th.
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  • 2 weeks ago, I wasn't feeling anything on a regular basis at all. I think they say you'll feel baby earlier because you'll be able to distinguish easier between other body bumps, but it's not always the case.
  • I'm a 1st time mom but I'm wondering if maybe you are mistaking movement for gas? I know for me it feels a bit similar except that no gas comes out haha, sorry if TMI. I usually feel like bubbles or a fluttering at the top of my ute, a bit below and to the right of my belly button. I am assuming that is where LO's feet are since her hb is a bit lower. Then again, it may just be gas for me too but last night I was briskly walking/running though Disneyland with DH to catch the holiday parade and when we finally stopped I definitely felt some of those "bubbles" and it wasn't gas.

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  • Glad I'm not the only one! I also thought I'd feel the baby sooner, but so far I've only felt things that *might* be baby, and those rumblings are really inconsistent ~ like I think for sure I felt the baby, but then I don't feel anything for days and days.

    I can't wait until I KNOW it's baby and I feel that comforting pop daily.

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  • I'm a first time mom but I felt the first definite movement at 18 weeks 3 days. Then I didn't feel anything for a couple of days, then another definite movement. In the last couple of days I have been able to feel the baby a lot more.
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  • I think I felt my first son moving around 20 weeks or so. My second-not until 25 weeks. This is my third and I felt movement at 13 or 14 weeks. There were also times with all of my pregnancies where I didn't feel any movement for a long time-like all day, usually when I was at work, but I think I just wasn't paying attention. (I'm a nurse and work 12-13 hour shifts, so usually too busy to notice ANYTHING) I thought for sure I would have felt my second one sooner, being that I would know what to expect. I think most OB's are pretty good about their pt's stopping by their office for a doppler listen if you're really worried-ask your doc if it's a possibility. A few more weeks and your baby will probably keep you up with hiccups all night!
  • This is my second baby and with DD I felt flutters etc around this time, and I have felt a few definite kicks but those were days ago, and not really feeling anything like this again for a few days. It could be a lot of things. I thing my placenta is anterior (during the NT scan they thought this may be where it was going) so I am counting on that for now. I am going for my scan on the 4th (boo I have to wait until almost 22 weeks) so we won't know until then. I saw on here that a few other moms who have anterior placentas their second time around didn't feel definite movement until 22 to 25 weeks.

    i know the apprehension you are feeling because I am feeling it too. I am telling myself to try to not worry and NOT call the doctor because there are no signs that anything is wrong. I bet we both start feeling something soon!

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  • I'm glad you posted this!  With ds I felt him first at 19 weeks and then fairly consistently after 22 weeks.

    This time I was sure I felt movement during week 16 and was so excited.  Then nothing in the last 10 days!  I do know that I have an anterior placenta, like I did with ds.  But I still thought I'd feel movement earlier.  My scan is on the 22nd and it can't get here soon enough.

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  • image ironmommy:

    Glad I'm not the only one! I also thought I'd feel the baby sooner, but so far I've only felt things that *might* be baby, and those rumblings are really inconsistent ~ like I think for sure I felt the baby, but then I don't feel anything for days and days.

    I can't wait until I KNOW it's baby and I feel that comforting pop daily.

    This. I was hoping to feel a lot by now but haven't.
  • As an update to my earlier post: At dinner tonight (which was a scumpcious BBQ Chicken and Ranch salad compliments of my loving husband) I felt movement! 

     I guess I'm too busy running around after my two year old to realize the movements sometimes, or maybe it was the food that jump started this? 

    Maybe you ladies can try my trick?  BBQ chicken. Ranch. Organic salad mix and we Pittsburghers put french fries on our salads... :)

     Thanks for all the posts back.. now I'm just waiting for that anatomy scan!

  • I started feeling little kicks here and there about a week ago.. but only little ones.. not constant or a crazy martial artist like my son was.


    We have our anatomy scan on the same day too!! crazy!!   I think you probably feel him in there, just are dismissing it for tummy grumbling or something like that.. because really, that is what it feels like.. :)  

    Don't worry, we will be able to feel constant movement very soon!

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