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Migraines affecting work.. Help!

I am 15 weeks and suffering from daily continual headaches and migraines.  I work for a 911 center and commute to work 12 hr shifts and can't do this with my headache issues.  Now I have started having panic attacks from the stress  of this. I have tried going to a chiropractor on a weekly basis because I thought they were coming from my back pain.  He told me to take Short Term disability.  I have no clue how to handle this situation but know that I have to do something soon! 

Has anyone ever had to deal with this or have any siggestions?

Re: Migraines affecting work.. Help!

  • for short term disability, you just have to make sure you already have it, then get the paperwork from the company and bring it to your doctor's office.  the doctor's office signs what they need and then you should have coverage.

    I have bad migraines too, I find they're lessened when I drink tons of water.   

  • You could do short term disability, and you would just need to talk to your HR person at work to see if you are eligible.  If not, ask about FMLA.  Short term disability is usually paid, but FMLA is not.  I suffer from migraines as well, and I use intermittent FMLA when I have one.  They will usually tell you that short term disability runs concurrent with FMLA (at the same time) so just be careful that you make sure you leave enough time for after the LO gets here...I am running into that situation since I used a lot of FMLA time before I got pregnant.  I would also talk to your OB/Midwife to see their suggestions, they might be able to give you something stronger at this point in your pregnancy. 
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    I would also talk to your OB/Midwife to see their suggestions, they might be able to give you something stronger at this point in your pregnancy. 
    idk if you take medicine but my dr gave me a rx for zebutal, it's the same as a bunch of other stuff, it's basically a barbituate, tylenol, and caffeine.  It does not make me drowsy, just relaxed.  IDK if that's something you'd want to try taking at work.  But as a 911 call center person I'd think you have to be on your toes.  I'm not sure it'd make you more alert than having a migraine.  

    Mine works in about 45 minutes and I can start to feel some relief. 

  • I have suffered from migraines LONG before I was pregnant, and luckily, they have seemed to get better now..... except for when I was between 12-17 weeks they were AWFUL!!! But, i'm sure they will get better, just like they did for me!  Tylenol was just not cutting it tho, and my doctor was unable to give me a migraine medicine like I took pre pregnany, but she did suggest that I try Excedrin.  There are two types..... some WITH asprin, and some WITHOUT.  You can take the Excedrin WITHOUT asprin... which is Excedrin regular strenth, Excedrin Tension headache and Excedrin PM.  The Excedrin Tension really worked great for me..... Good luck!
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