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BF moms... I need help!!

Hi ladies,

Ok heres my issue, please any input I was greatly take!!

 Quick summary, LO was in NICU, so I had to pump until he came home..(he had surgery) He finally latched on,  BUT hes so fussy every since I switched from bottle feeding to BF...

 I had to switched to BF bc he gulps way to fast and he was literally chocking and vomitting..My pedi told me to switch to only BF and see if it helps.. he is ALWAYS fussy and screaming...its awful. I'm ready to start crying myself here.. HELP ME. 

 I think I might be over feeding him to get him quiet...I dont know?... its the only thing that works..  but then he spits alot up.. I feel like the worst mother ever..

should I give up BF? and go back to bottle?

Re: BF moms... I need help!!

  • how old is he? how often does he eat? how long?

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  • Maybe he isn't gulping to fast, maybes it's your milk flow being too fast? My LO does that choking thing on my right side because the flow is too fast, (he unlatched and I had a stream shooting out) try to pump a little before hand or hand express then put him on there, and maybe nurse him when he is awake and before he gets too hungry, which if he is gulping too fast might help because he is so frenized? I hope that helps. :) I'm no expert but these things have helped me and my LO. :)

  • DD did the same thing around 1-2 weeks. I brought her to the pedi for an unrelated issue and mentioned this to him and he said it may be reflux. We've been giving her meds 2x a day and it's she does great with BF now. Maybe mention it to your pedi? GL

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  • I gave in and bought a pacifier (had said I wouldn't). DS wants the sucking motion to calm down, but spits up loads when he overfeeds.

    It takes him a while to take the paci though. He wants warm skin, not plastic. One time he even gagged then shuddered, haha! But I keep putting it back in his mouth and he goes into a euphoric daze when he finally takes it. Soo cute.

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  • Is he getting frustrated that the milk is not flowing instantly like a bottle? Or is he mad that it is coming out too fast? A solution to both would be to pump/express for a minute until initial let down occurs and then pop him on. The milk will be there the second he latches so no waiting and also it won't come out fast enough to choke him.
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  • he is 7 wks.  

    he was getting 5 oz every 3 hrs from bottle, now its so inconistant from bf i dont even know, id guess 20 mins every  2 hrs...

    i thought maybe he isnt getting enough, and thats why he is so fussy and wants to eat so often,,, but i just did some reasearch and i think i might have a heavy  flow.  the tips of my nipples are white and i guess thats a side effect....?



  • Also about 7 weeks, also BFing, except for when he is completely asleep or in an active awake phase, DS wants to nurse all the time.  ALL THE TIME.  My DS starts screaming as soon as he realizes he is hungry and is not being fed, has been that way since birth.  Your DS might be going through a growth spurt.  Then again, maybe you don't make 5 oz at any given time (that is a LOT of fluid), so he eats more frequently.  I had to pump for a while, and I got between 2 and 4 oz at any given pumping.  2-4 oz every 2 hours is roughly the same as 5 oz every 4. Maybe he is asking to be fed for comfort.  I think what you're talking about is pretty normal for BFing, but if you're really concerned, I would talk to your pediatrician.  Oh yes, and one of my nipples has a mysterious white spot too.  I'm sure it's DS's doing.  It doesn't hurt me in any way, so I'm just taking it as another bizarre thing DS has done to my body.

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