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advice on diaper cream brands?

What works, what doesn't?  I'm getting ready to stock the nursery with essentials and would love to get some direction instead of just randomly picking something at the store.  

Any other must have/essentials that you've discovered that you hadn't thought of before? TIA!!

Re: advice on diaper cream brands?

  • We use balmex and it works great!
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  • I like Desitin. It's really creamy and goes on super easy. Plus, you don't need to use a whole lot of it.

    I also keep a pump bottle of hand sanitizer next to her changing table, so in the instance she's hungry I don't have to make her wait after changing her to go wash my hands right away.  And I would definitely get a diaper changing pad to put in the diaper bag for when you go out.

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  • We've used A&D every diaper change and never had any problems.
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  • I like the clear ones that are multi use. I think i have the desitin one...need  for her chapped cheeks & chin.
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    Works like a charm!



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    Works like a charm!

    I second this! 

    I love the butt paste.Yes

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  • I've tried about every kind.

    **Desitin- goes on easily and works well; my favorite

    Butt paste- same

    Aveeno- really thick and hard to spread; I wouldn't buy it again

    Aquaphor- clear; recommended by a lot of people, but I haven't seen results

    Dr. Smith's diaper cream- expensive and hard to find; pedi recommended it, but no results

    Lotrimin- the ONLY thing that would work on DD's yeast diaper rash; it's really for athlete's foot Stick out tongue


    I know it's not a must have, but I had an extra mobile from DD's crib set and I put it above the changing table. She LOVES it! It keeps her occupied while I change her diaper and clothes. I also second the hand sanitizer.

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  • We use Paladin ointment (that is really like a cream).  We were in the hospital for ds having jaundice so bad and the hospital used it and it is amazing.  Within 2 diaper changes we see a difference.  DS had a bad diaper rash and after 24 hours of using desitin and also trying A&D, this was the only thing that helped.  

    Only downside is that it isn't carried everywhere.  When we were in the STL area we found that Target carries it in the pharmacy behind the counter although it is over the counter.

  • Aquaphor cleared what Butt Paste couldn't for us.
  • Aveeno works well but is a little thick.

    Butt Paste works well and goes on easily but be careful it stains. It has a warning about this on the tube, but I never noticed until recently. I just bought the new natural Butt Paste that doesn't stain. I haven't tried it but I hope it works just as well to get rid of the rash and redness.

    Burt's Bees smells good but the smell is way too strong for me. I opened the tube and never used it b/c of this.



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    Works like a charm!

    I second this! 

    I love the butt paste.Yes




  • We used Butt Paste with DD, but like pp said it stains... Instead, we LOVE Mrs. Meyer's diaper cream. Only downside is that it's hard to find and a little more expensive, but worth it imo. I found it at a baby boutique, but can also be purchased online.
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    We've used A&D every diaper change and never had any problems.

    This... We used Buttpaste to start since SIL swears by it but it wasn't working for our LO. A&D works like a charm!

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  • I bought the Method Diaper Rash Cream. It was $5.49 for the bottle, and since you don't use a lot at once it's not too bad. 

    But my pediatrician said it doesn't really matter much, the main ingredient you're looking for in a diaper rash cream is zinc oxide, and you can get the generic pharmacy (Rite Aid, CVS) brand because I've used the generic and it's exactly the same, and is MUCH cheaper.

    If you're looking for something to put in the diaper every time, then I just use clear petroleum jelly as sold in Target. I put a little strip in the middle of the diaper and that's it :)

    Hope this helps... 

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  • Hands down Calmoseptine is the best diaper rash creme.  It is sold OTC, but you usually have to ask a pharmacist for it.  Some places keep it in stock, but others have to order it (you can pick it up next-day).  I get mine from Target or CVS and it usually runs around $7 for a large tube.  I heard Walgreen's sells it in the store (in the incontinence section) so you may try there too. 

    It can also be used for minor burns/scrapes/bites, so it's a good ointment to have on hand!



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  • I really like Burt's Bees Diaper Ointment.  It's kinda hard to get out of the tube, but it works great!  It smells awesome too!  :)



  • My LO had severe diaper rash after switching from breast milk to whole milk.  Generic ointments do not go on easily.  Butt Paste goes on the easiest, but his rash came back.  We had to switch to maximum strength desitin, it has 40% zinc oxide (active ingredient).  Regular desitin only has 10% and Butt Paste has 16%.
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  • Triple Paste. Best stuff ever.
  • We use the Butt Paste and it is amazing.  I've used Desitin also, but the Butt Paste blows it out of the water.
  • Agree about Desitin - goes on smooth and works really well. Aveeno and Balmex are a little hard to apply
  • We've had the best luck with the diaper rash cream from Arbonne, a direct sales company specializing in skin care.
  • Triple Paste!  My pedi recommended it and I've never looked back.  ;)
  • I have used them all....they all work good to prevent, as well as clear up an early rash as long as it is not a yeast infection.  But once the rash begins to get red and raised the best thing to use is a layer of Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and then cover it with cornstarch.  A day or so later it will be completely gone!  I actually just use this method now and skip the expensive creams....Petroleum jelly is about $2.50 a jar and Cornstarch is around $1 a box.  You get cornstarch in the baking aisle of the grocery section. 
  • I use California Baby calming diaper rash cream from Target.  It uses zinc oxide (12%) and a lot of natural oils and plants.  Smells good and has healed my little guy of a yeast infection we got while breastfeeding.  By the way, if you are going to breast feed read up on how to prevent yeast infections to try and prevent bad diaper rashes.
  • the absolute BEST diaper rash cream, isnt even diaper rash cream! it's BAG BALM! you know that green tin can made for cow utters.... yeah that's it! i love bag balm and it works better than any diaper rash cream you can find. plus if you get it at costco (its behind the counter at the pharmacy) it's a lot cheaper, only about $4 a can!

    once you have your baby, you really need to take baths with epsom salt! that stuff is amazing! it will help your body to relax and it will help you to heal a LOT faster. i was taking about 3-4 baths a day after jack was born, and i was completely healed in ONE WEEK! i also love to use essential oils in my bath, all of the oils have good properties (the people at the health food store can tell you what is best for what) plus it makes you smell good and it will also help you to relax!

     you need to relax after you have your baby! it will help you to nurse better and baby can sense if you are all stressed out, that will cause baby to stress out too!

  • I love Desitin Clear Multi-Purpose Ointment. DS had diaper rash and after a day of using at every diaper change, it went away. It's great for spot treatments of flaky skin on his body, too. It's thick and smells great. I wish it were cheaper for such a small 4 oz. tube.

    I tried Aveeno once after using the Desitin Clear and hated that it was white and hard to remove from DS's bottom.

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  • I got a cream from WholeFoods from a German company called Weleda.  It is a Zinc Oxide cream with Calendula and it smells and works amazing!.
  • Hi there,

    I love weleda.  I started using it with my son when he was born 10 years ago and now with my daughter.  They used to only offer it in the health food store back then.  Now I can find it at target and even my grocery.  It doesn't smell as great as some new ones out there but I can attest that neither of my children have ever had a diaper rash!  If I see the start of one little bump I put it on and it's gone by the next changing!

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