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Green Poop???

My LO has had green poop for the past day or so. He's pooped several times and it's been green every time over the last day. He seems fine otherwise. He doesn't seem fussy or anything. He STTN as usual last night. I've read that it could be a reaction to food? or he's not spending enough time on one breast? I've been letting him hang out on one breast forever. IT'S STILL GREEN!! Any thoughts???

Re: Green Poop???

  • usually it means they are getting too much foremilk. But if LO is on the boob for a while, I'm not quite sure. Sorry!
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  • I was really worried when we had this happen for about 2 weeks.  Drove me nuts trying all different "solutions", but never did figure out what it could be from and he is fine now.  My SIL who is a doc said that it didn't seem like there were any other symptoms or things to be concerned about and he shoud be fine.  Which was the case.
  • I saw the subject line, and I had to reply.  This was totally me a couple weeks ago.  I actually brought a sample diaper into the pediatrician's office (for a regularly scheduled visit, not a freak out about poop visit) and they said it was completely normal (DS is also breastfed).  What I got from my pediatrician was that if they aren't constipated, having diarrhea or bloody stools, just about anything is par for the diaper.  Also, in case this happens to you also, if you see a little spot of bright/brick red in a urine-only diaper, provided it isn't in huge volumes, it's also normal; it's just urate crystals.  Apparent blood in one diaper, green poop in another, all within 24 hours, with a less-than-1-month old.....I was freaking out.  Lucky pediatrician got to look at 2 diapers that visit. 
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